This is the only Level 60 upgrade you will ever see me do (other than the Warper). I honestly don't like the concept of another level. It seems a bit unoriginal. Anyway, the Cloaker is a Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Stalker. Created by Zathsu.


The Cloaker looks like the Stalker, except it has a triangle shape cut out of the end of its barrel. On the back of the tank, a cloak that flows as you move follows behind you. It is short, as to not draw more attention than you need.


  • Invisibility for the Cloaker is a lot more complex, but much more beneficial.
  • It goes invisible 50% quicker if you have not fired WHILE moving within the last 10 seconds.
  • You can move for 2 seconds while invisible before becoming visible again.
    • As to counter being perma-invisible by lightly tapping and forever moving in the safety of your transparency, you can only travel so far from the point you became invisible before you have to go back into plain sight.
    • The distance you can travel from your original invisibility point is 25 tiles in every direction. Not very big, but better than nothing. This makes a 50x50 area in total, and a Level 1 Basic Tank is 2x2 tiles, for visuals sake.
    • A purple outline shows you how far you can travel from your original point. It does not move until you become visible again, kind of like how the Predator's zoom doesn't move with you until you let go of right-click.
  • Shooting while invisible has the same effect as a Stalker. You go immediately visible once more.


  • Will be one of my only Level 60 upgrades, alongside the Warper.
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