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Code: Red is a Polygonal Boss added on June 18, 2017, and completely reworked on March 19th, 2018. It is actually not based on a polygon, like how Livewire or Lasergrid aren't. Code: Red is a very unique boss tank, for having a unique combination of weapons. Code: Red features Five Cannons mounted on the front with an Auto Turret mounted on the top. On the back is a new, exclusive weapon, The Mine Dropper, and on the sides are regular Curved Barrels found on the Infrared.

Code: Red is able to spawn in every gamemode, excluding Maze



Code: Red features an elongated red Dome Shape with a curved trapezoidal chevron missing on the back. Mounted on the front are Five regular sized Cannons in the same arrangement as the Spreadshield, mounted on top is a regular Auto Turret, mounted on the back is a new, exclusive weapon for Code: Red, the Mine Dropper, which is a Spawner with a gear on it, and on each flat side are two Curved Barrels, which can be found on the Infrared.


Code: Red features a medium shade semicircle shaped body with Thirteen Cannons mounted on the front in the same way that the Spread Shots cannons are splayed out. Mounted on the top is a regular Auto Turret, and mounted on the back are Three Spawners.


Code: Red

Code: Red features 3,000 health, which, if you haven't known by this point, is the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, Code: Red will drop 30,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Code: Red, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Code: Red will regenerate 30 health per second if Code: Red is left alone for 10 seconds, making Code: Red one of the more annoying bosses to beat. Code: Red has the body damage of an Alpha Pentagon, making this boss an exemplary rammer. Code: Red has the Movement Speed of a Fallen Overlord, showing that there is a drawback.


Code: Red's Cannons has the reload of a regular Spread Shot, the Bullet Damage and Penetration of a Sniper, and the Bullet Speed that is slightly slower than that of a Drone with maximum speed.

Auto Turret

Code: Red's singular Auto Turret features 270 Degree rotation, meaning that it actually can't face backwards. Other than the obvious nerf, the Auto Turret itself has the same stats as a regular Tank.

Curved Turrets

The Curved Turrets found on the sides of Code: Red have similar functionality to the Infrared. They have similar stats to the Infrared as well, not diverging much from its source.

Mine Droppers


Mine Droppers simply drop Traps at 10% opacity. The Mines are around the size of a Tank, and are nearly undetectable, so watch out!


The reload of the Mine Dropper is the same of that as Annihilator. The Mines themselves have the lifespan of a regular Mega Trappers Trap, and output the damage of a regular Trap, and have the launch time of the time that a Silos Missile stalls.


  • The Mine Dropper was based off of a scrapped tank with the same name which was an upgrade from Smasher, which left behind a ring of stationary bullets.
  • Don't look at the mountains just yet. Instead, look at the carving carefully made in the trees.