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Colossus Serpentes is a member of the League of Iron and spawns in the Iron Fort gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Colossus Serpentes, true to his name, is a massive metal snake composed of a head, tail and many body segments that take the form of large multicolored rectangles with a turret on top that resembles a random tank. Most turrets act exactly like their tank counterparts without recoil, except that they have every stat maxed out. Exceptions are here:

  • Necromancer turrets will spawn their own squares with each turret spawning a square at the rate of a Manager's spawner.
  • Stalker, Manager and Landmine turrets lower the visibility of all of Colossus's body components by 5% each. Which means if 20 of these turrets add up, Colossus will be entirely invisible except for the head and tail.
  • Smasher, Auto Smasher, Landmine and Spike turrets increase the body damage of all of Colossus's units by 3% each, 5% if Spike. The turret on Auto Smasher still fires.
  • Booster and Fighter turrets increase Colossus's Movement speed by 5% each. They still fire like normal.

The Fight

Colossus Serpentes spawns with 10 body segments, each a random tank. For every tank he kills, a new body segment will grow out with the killed tank as a turret on it. He starts out with a base Movement Speed of a Max-speed and Reload level 45 Booster and base Body Damage of a 10/10/10/3 Spike. If a body segment is destroyed, it detaches and explodes 3 seconds later, while the body reconnects. If he runs out of body segments, he dies. Simple as that? Nah, he still has attacks.

  • Closing Ring: Wraps himself around a large bunch of tanks, and continuously tightens the ring until all the tanks inside die. Of course, he can only do this if he has enough body segments to form a circle.
  • Electric Ball: Spits out a yellow bullet that travels at the speed of an Annihilator bullet with 7 Bullet Speed. Said bullet has infinite penetration and immobilizes all that it damages for 5 seconds. Colossus will prioritize attacking stunned tanks over normal ones.
  • Hyper mode: Stops moving for a second and charges his body with electricity; his turrets will then fire with 200% reload.
  • Death Charge: Stops moving for 3 seconds as his segments contract. Then charges at 500% movement speed for 1 second at a target, usually lots of tanks.
  • Shockwave: Roars loudly and does low damage to all tanks.
  • Nuke: Needs at least 5 body segments to use. Detaches one of his body segments and smacks it with his tail, flinging it at tanks. Tanks hit will suffer immense damage. The segment will explode after 5 seconds, doing more damage.
  • Part swap: All his body turrets randomly turn into another type of turret.

Death animation

When all of Colossus Serpentes's body segments are destroyed, he stops moving and roars one last time before exploding, summoning in another member of the League.