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Once upon a time, there was a clan called the Conceptionists. Everyone wanted to be in their clan because of their special skills with making tanks, bosses and others. One day, a Conceptionist called FredLeon said: "Let's make a mega machine, like a mega collaboration with others!" After many nights and days, their project was completed. The Conception a.k.a. the Mega War Machine was ready to destroy.

The Mega War Machine, also called Conception is a mega collaboration of users. It is a boss that looks like the War Machine. It is composed of the Core and the other pieces (user tanks). It can spawn in any gamemode except for Maze. It can only spawn two times per month. When this happens the screen starts pulsing black and these words will appear on the screen:

Somebody called me?

Yes YOU, you weak tank, you think you can face me?!

Haha, with that weak barrel, you can't harm me.

I will show you the true power, and all to the ARENA!!

Each of the many components will also display a quote:

AC1337: It's arena closin' time!

Thunderstrike: Let's hit them where it HERTZ! AH HA HA HA HA!

Tsunami: There is no shelter from the sea. Do not try to fight back, for the ocean will drown you... In bullets.


Anti-Proton: Polyominioes were created long time before you, mortal whom is trying to face me. And that will be your end... You can Attack, but you cant... DEFEND!!

Fortifier: You will learn to fear the swarm...

Adapter: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I will look for you. I will learn from you. I will find you. And I will kill you.

Racer: Somebody raced me? Let's DO IT.

Hurricane: This calls for R E A L celery sticks.

Mincer: I will tear you all to minced meat.



Corroser: Your petty fears and concerns are nothing to me. I will end this once and for all!

Penultimate: Pointing to the truth, we will always win, if you are our enemies.

Focused-Spread twins: I am one. I am many.

BGM phase 1 (there are chance that one of these BGMs play during the first phase) :

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwlC89-X-oc
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mOoYDTn-Bk

BGM phase 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nYpDOtHBu4

Phase 1


The Mega War Machine is made of a core and a lot of components. They each do different things, and work together to make your life hell.


One of the deadliest parts of this machine is the AC1337. It has a single AC barrel that does a lot of damage and it will one-shot most tier 4 and below tanks. The wisest decision is to avoid him. However, they go at the speed of a Destroyer bullet with 5 Bullet Speed, which is slow for a Diep.io bullet. The bullet can follow the player for 3 seconds. This part only has 1 deadly barrel but it has 20,000 health.

Sometimes, it can shoot a giant bullet which is slightly slower but more powerful.

The AC1337.svg


To keep true to its creator, the Thunderstrike, otherwise known as the Zathus Component, is a very complex mechanism with 18,000 health. It takes the appearance of a Sprayer with two lances sticking up alongside the Machine Gun, at an angle to match the barrel, similar in style to The Helix's main setup. These lances have small circles at the end of them instead of points. The Sprayer is constantly firing at the closest player, while another effect continues alongside it:

Every few seconds, the circles will flash white, and a lightning arc will form between them for about 2 seconds. Any bullets that pass through the electrical arc will become charged, and inflict Paralyzed and Stunned for 0.8 seconds. Electrically charged bullets will also form chains of lightning between each other until they vanish. Lightning chains themselves deal no damage, but will inflict Paralyzed and Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Lastly and very rarely, the two electrical generator lances alongside the barrel can crackle with lightning powerfully, before both releasing Destroyer bullets at an angle, with chain lightning connecting them together, creating a spreading electrical 'net' that as well inflicts Stunned and Paralyzed for 1.5 seconds.

The Thunderstorm.svg

The Tidal Wave

Otherwise known as the Tidal Wave component, the Tsunami is the most annoying and troublesome to kill. The Tsunami has a solid 35000 health, along with tons of weaponry. The Tsunami's front barrel setup has a Spread Shot barrel setup, 5 Skimmer barrels in a Penta Shot formation, an Annihilator barrel and 4 Streamliner barrel setups in a Gunner formation.

The top of the Tsunami has 6 Dominator barrels, resembling the Leviathan in terms of placement. On both sides of the Tsunami are 3 Battleship barrels. The back of the Tsunami has Booster barrels and a MASSIVE Trap launcher that spits Traps the size of Alpha Pentagons. While it has a slow reload of 7 seconds, the recoil is huge. Finally, to top it off, there is a Smasher Shell under all that.

The Tsunami actively chases after tanks and will annihilate them with all it's weaponry. Note that Auto Fire is always on. Occasionally, the back Trap launcher will stop launching Traps, and will spew Gunner bullets, decreasing damage and greatly increasing Recoil.

When the Adapter is about to explode

When the Adapter is about to explode, The Tsunami can't move away, unlike the Doombreaker and the Racer. Instead, it turns around and fires a ton of blue Traps to surround the Adapter. The summoned traps will surround the Adapter until it explodes, absorbing about 50% of the damage. When it explodes, the Traps will go flying everywhere, dealing damage to tanks that are hit.

By AM Waves.

The Named BOSS

The named BOSS component, also known as the Doombreaker, is the trickiest to defeat, but is a glass cannon, only having 10000 hp. It is the most complex of all the parts. It is a red plated fighter, with metal components, but the barrel at the front is a Deployer. It has the best AI out of all the parts of the machine, dodging bullets, charging into tanks at exactly the right moment. It also has attacks. When defeated, it will start smoking and shaking, than a portal will open, and it will fly in. The portal will then close.


Will summon 10 missles in a Decagon shape around it, and they will go outwards, firing they're back barrels when they fly outwards, but they last for 6 seconds and are indestructible.

Will create 5 giant missles, which are loosely homing, and have very high bullet pen, but do not dissapear until destroyed. They move at the speed of a level 45 tri-angle with 4 in reload and speed.

Will fire a giant homing bullet, which has 10x the pen of a max destroyer bullet, and has 5 barrels on the back in a Penta Shot formation, which have the stats of a max Penta Shot. It moves at the speed of a level 45 Penta Shot firing backwards and moving backwards with 2 in reload and speed.

Will Spawn 15 Chargees, 15 Bulletees, 2 Bigees, and 1 hugee from Template:C.

Will shoot 3 missiles that have barrels like a Fighter, Octo Tank, Penta Shot, Booster, or Auto 5.


Combo attacks are used rarely, and it involves another component and the Doombreaker doing a stronger attack.

The Tsunami's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Tsunami's spikes flying off and acting as strong bullets. They then grow back. This happens 3 times. The Doombreaker then fires a blue bullet which explodes after 4 secs, turning a 15x15 circle of tiles blue. Any tanks that enter it will get the poisoned debuff. The blue tiles last until the whole Mega War Machine is destroyed. Any machine parts that enter the 15x15 area will regenerate 20 hp per second until they leave. Their bullets and drones and etc will be 1.5x as strong if shot while they are in it.

The Fortifier's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker sucking up lots of polygons, for 10 seconds, and firing them all to The Fortifier, which turns them all into Awakened Polygons. 75% for Tier one, 15% for Tier 2, 7.5% for Tier 3, 2.5% for Tier 4.

The Racer's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves them both spinning in one circle verrryyyy fast for 25 seconds, and chases after players quite fast. Bullets will fire randomly during this time, out of the spinning blurry circle-o-death. 100 gunner bullets in total, 50 regular bullets in total, 10 missiles in total, 10 destroyer bullets in total, and 5 huge bullets that are 1.5x the size of an Annihilator bullet.

The Adapter's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Adapter shooting a red orb crackling with red lightning at The Doombreaker, and when it hits the Doombreaker, both The Adapter and The Doombreaker glow red, and The Doombreaker is completely invincible while the ability lasts. The Doombreaker starts spinning and fires loads of homing bullets randomly, some red, which act as normal bullets but homing, yellow, which are fast, but have lower penetration and homing, green, which deal medium damage over the course of 10 seconds when it hits something and blue, which inflict the Stunned and Paralyzed debuffs for 3 secs. The Adapter, during this time, will be invincible, bullets will deal 50% more damage, and will fire 50% faster.

The Thunderstrike's combo move with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker moving a bit closer to The Thunderstrike, and then them becoming connected by a chain lightning. After they're electrically connected, the Thunderstrike will send a powerful electric charge down the line (symbolized by a crackling spark travelling down the lightning chain), and then the Doombreaker will begin crackling with electricity and use one of its normal attacks.

  • For its decagon-shaped missile pattern attack, this version will have the missiles be connected chain lightning outline that deals no damage but inflicts Stunned and Paralyzed for 2 seconds.
  • For the five homing missile attack, when a missile hits a target, they'll be Paralyzed and Stunned for 2 seconds.
  • For the massive missile attack, players that come within 8 tiles of the missile will be zapped by a lightning strike and Stunned for FOUR seconds.
  • For the enemy summon attack, all summoned enemies will crackle electrically, and their attacks will zap the target and all nearby targets.
  • For the three extra-barreled missile attack, each main missile will be electrically connected.

The Hurricane's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Hurricane spinning VERY fast, and shooting red hexagons everywhere, 50 in total. The red hexagons will all then go to The Doombreaker and clump around it, each hexagon having 100 hp, The Doombreaker will charge at players while there are still red hexagons left on it. The Doombreaker and The Hurricane are invincible while there is still red hexagons on The Doombreaker.

NOTE: These next 4 are used after eachother, in this order. They are used twice as rarely as other combo attacks. If one of the parts that it does its combo with is destroyed, it will skip that one and go to the next (ex: The Gunner is destroyed, will do The Missle's combo first).

The Gunner's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker firing a glowing missle at The Gunner, and when it hits, The Gunner will gain a 50% stats boost except max hp for 30 seconds.

The Missle's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker firing a glowing missle at The Missle, and the missle then glows red and releases a ring of 3 missles, then after 5 secs, 5 missles, 10 missles, then 20.

The Shielder's combo power with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker firing a glowing missle at The Shielder, and when it hits, The Shielder rotates around The Doombreaker instead of The Core for 30 seconds. The Shielder will fire 3-5 gunner bullets per sec during this time.

The Core's combo attack with The Doombreaker involves The Doombreaker firing a glowing missle at The Core, and when it hits, The Doombreaker will start chasing the nearest player, glowing red, and invincible, and when it gets near at least 3 players at once, it will stop and glow purple, and will start sucking all players nearby in. If a player gets sucked into The Doombreaker during this time, they will die and a grey auto turret with all of the appearance, size, and functionality, including stats, but 5 times the amount of health of that player, and will start orbiting The Core, and will start shooting at players, but will not harm the machine.

When the Adapter is about to explode

Because of this component's health, it will teleport to the location on the Machine opposite to that of the Adapter and stay there until the Adapter explodes. Once it has finished exploding, The Doombreaker will resume whatever it was doing.




According to my research, a hacker modified one copy of the proton, to be much more evil than the proton itself. Because of this - I demand this to be a part of the mega war machine. -Sincerely, Commander Fallen

This monstrosity of a proton...

It's Bullets are now black, they slowly alter their trajectory to the other players, it's HP is 15000, Otherwise, it has different drones, the Auto-Minoes.

Also, the bullets sent by Auto-Minoes burst into 8 smaller bullets that dont deal much damage.

An auto-mino.

This wraps up the proton's biggest nightmare.

If the adapter dies, it will spawn a horde of destroyer minoes and a swarm of auto-minoes to annihilate every player nearby.


This next part was made by the coolest person in the clan, Coolestpip himself. The Fortifier, a unheard of Awoken Polygon, is a part of this machine! With 40000 health, it is quite the tank. It looks like a large square, and it's color is semi faded between grey and yellow . A single dark yellow eye is in the middle of it, which glares at it's target. All it has is one massive version of a Summoner's spawner on one side of it.


It pumps out two different streams of squares, which attempt to form a barrier around it and the other components. It will target the components with the least health first. These do not block any attacks from the components. Each square has 150 health, and has 20 body damage each. But wait, there's more! Any component surrounded by the squares gets healed for 25 every second. Whenever the Fortifier loses 10000 health, the squares it spawns get 100% stats. Which means when the Fortifier is under 10000 health, the squares have 600 health and 80 body damage.


As well as this, it will shoot out a burst of squares every 10 seconds. These squares have a big chance to become a Awoken Polygon. 50% of the time it will become a Square Boxer. A 20% chance to become a Square Warrior. 5% chance for the Square Guardian, and a 0.1% chance for it to become a Square Champion. There is a 24.9% chance the square will simply disappear. The Square champion spawned cannot become a Square Emperor.


As well as all of this, it can glance at injured components, and any Square Boxers nearby will rush over to repair it, out of the way of bullets.

When the Adapter is about to explode

If the Adapter explodes, every defending squares will absorb all the damage they can for the component they protect. Only the ones in the radius do this however. Depending on the health of the Fortifier, they may be able to negate all damage to all parts. They will also escape with any components if the component escapes the blast. Any Awoken Polygons in the blast radius will either get out of range, or raise a fist to block the damage. If the tier has a defending ability, it will use that to negate some damage as well. A tier 3 or 4 can defend from the explosion, while tier 1 and 2 will be atomized anyway.

When it dies

When it dies, every square nearby that it did not spawn will be turned into a Square Boxer, and have a high chance to become a higher Tier.

The Fortifier.svg

Type: Sparky

This component was carefully produced and programmed by Type: Sparky in a very secret laboratory, with the help of certain special genes from said being - genes that adapt to their environment. The Adapter, true to its name, isn't built with a specific weapon, but it instead adapts itself to its opponent. In all forms, however, it will be surrounded by eighteen tiny Trap Launchers which make a near-impenetrable wall together.

The Adapter will lie in wait until it is hit. When it is hit, it will adapt to said tank by these following criteria applying to the tank attacking it:

  • Shoots small bullets placed very far apart: It will gain ten Mounted Turrets.
  • Shoots regular bullets placed very far apart: Same as above.
  • Shoots large bullets: Will gain a Gunner Dominator barrel and five Mounted Turrets to try and ward off the large tank. In this state, it has not much range.
  • Shoots small bullets placed very close together: It will gain a Destroyer barrel and five Mounted Turrets.
  • Shoots regular bullets placed very close together: It will gain a Hybrid barrel which shoots Missiles at a rate of 3 per shot (the spread is like that of the inner three barrels of a Penta Shot).
  • Shoots small bullets placed sort of close together: It will gain a Hybrid barrel which shoots a Missile, and three Mounted Turrets.
  • Shoots regular bullets placed sort of close together: It will gain a Hybrid barrel which shoots a Missile, and five Mounted Turrets.
  • Shoots a combination of bullet sizes very fast: It will gain twenty Gunner barrels and one Mounted Destroyer Turret.
  • Shoots a combination of bullet sizes at a moderate rate: It will gain fifteen Gunner Barrels and one Mounted Destroyer Turret.
  • Shoots a combination of bullet sizes at a slow rate: It will gain ten Gunner Barrels and one Mounted Destroyer Turret.
  • Wields Drones: It will gain three Skimmer barrels, and a Mounted Skimmer Turret.
  • Wields Square Drones: It will gain ten Mounted Turrets which target Squares and three Skimmer barrels.
  • Wields Battleship Drones: It will gain fifteen Mounted Turrets which target Drones and one Destroyer barrel.
  • Wields Drones and a Cannon: It will gain a Mounted Skimmer Turret, five regular Barrels and ten Gunner barrels.
  • Wields Drones and Traps: It will gain a Mounted Skimmer Turret and three Destroyer cannons.
  • Wields Cannons and Traps: It will gain twenty Gunner barrels and a Mounted Skimmer Turret.
  • Wields Traps: It will gain twenty-five Gunner barrels and a Mounted Destroyer Turret.
  • Uses Body Damage: It will gain a Triplet cannon formation and a Mounted Destroyer Turret.

If there are multiple tanks around and it is hit, it will shift into a counter for the one that hit it. If another tank hits it, the Adapter will get distracted and change its target.

It has 18,000 HP and limited ammunition - it can fire for five minutes when using its weakest attack. After its ammunition is depleted, it must recharge for two minutes. Its eighteen tiny Trap Launchers will still be shooting during this time. All components will take half the regular damage during this time.

Also, for every 1,000 HP it loses, it will lose a Trap Launcher. When it is destroyed, it will shake violently, then explode, doing 5,000 damage to everything around it, including the components close to it.

If this explosion happens during the recharge period, the damage resistance bonus will simply disappear, leaving everything to take the full 5,000 damage.

The Adaptor.svg


This component was made by a lover of speed called FredLeon. This tank will scare fighters and boosters that think that can escape the battle easily, because they will be proved wrong. The Racer is the fastest part of the Mega War Machine, and it has a pretty severe AI against fast tanks or tanks that try to run away. It has 20000 health.


The Racer's chance to hitting a tank is equal to everyone but some tanks and actions make players be more targeted by this part. Fighters and Boosters have +5% to be targeted, max movement speed tanks have +7% chance to be targeted, if a tank runs away (far at least 40 tiles) it has +12% chance to be targeted. This means a tank can have maximum +24% chance to be targeted by this part.


The Racer usually runs near the core to kill enemy tanks, but can dash into players. When it reaches 10000 health it becomes it's second form. In the second form his dash attacks become more rapid as The Racer's health is lowered. It can dash nearly continuously when close to death.

When The Adapter is about to explode

When The Adapter is about to explode, The Racer will do a light speed dash to a player that is not in the explosion range, saving himself and dealing a lot of damage to that player.


The attacks of this boss are very simple.

  • Who's The Original?: The Racer will become invisible for 1 second and then reappear with 2 fake clones, and if someone attacks a fake clone it will chase the player. Each fake clone has 1200 health.
  • Hyper Dash: Instead of making a dash, The Racer will make a lightspeed dash. This attack can insta-kill everyone. In the second form this attack is no longer used.
The Racer.svg


The Hurricane is a relatively weaker part of the Mega War Machine, however it is fairly powerful regarding its spread. It has 11000 health. This part was created and programmed by Chapsteck4yurlipis due to their fondness of hurricanes in about a day. Unlike most parts, The Hurricane gets weaker as it loses its health. It appears to be a giant Octo tank that is always spinning.

It's attacks are usually hurricane-centered, and can sometimes create references to The Hurricane's programmer itself.

  • Hurrispin - Will shoot bullets wice as fast and spin twice as fast for 5 seconds.
  • Missilere - Will shoot missiles instead of bullets for 5 seconds.
  • Hexagonal - Will shoot hexagonal bullets, they do twice as much damage. (lasts for 5 seconds)
  • Improvise - Will gain a lot of body damage and speed for 5 seconds. The Hurricane will begin to dash players nearby. Lasts for 5 seconds.

The Hurricane moves very slowly, however it always ventures very far from the core. It will tend to target triplets and other focused-fire classes more often than not.

When the Adapter is about to explode, it will create a hexagonal barrier around itself that absorbs the blast for it, should it be near said component. It will do this no matter where it is. After it has exploded, all surviving hexagons will be shot at the closest tank to the Hurricane.

The Hurricane.svg


The mincer shall slice and dice

The Mincer is a part of the Mega War Machine. It has eight long lances. Four spin clockwise and four spin counter clockwise, making it very dangerous to get close to, as the lances rotate very fast. Kind of like a Slicer. That's where it got its name. It has a low health of 10000, but shooting it is very hard since 50% of the time your bullets will get sliced.Oh by the way is able to separate from the control and act like a boomerang.


  • Slice: slices any bullet that comes to it for 50 seconds.
    The Slicer.svg


This component is split up and is the very first separate component.

  • The Core commands the whole component. You have to destroy the other sub-components before the Core can be damaged. It will fire a pulse laser at nearby enemies once in a while. It is also a Pentagon. The part that fires the laser is a Laser Pod.
  • The Shielder is a giant blue tank attached to the Core that rapidly rotates around it. If you add the shield health to the Shielder's health, it has 34,400 health, while the others have 20,200 health. Unlike the other parts, it is blue. It is shaped like a triangle.
  • The Gunner is the main weaponry. It always remains very close to the Core, and has three Triplet guns focused infront of it. It's bullets have the same penetration as a Auto 3's, same damage as a Gunner's, and 3x the reload of a Triplet. It is not attached to the Core. It is the smallest part of the whole machine, being the size of a square. It is shaped like a Pentagon as well.
  • The Missile is a Hexagon that orbits the Core. It has one Deployer cannon on each side, and they fire Missiles that are about the size of a Square. They deal the same damage as a max-damage Tank bullet, and the bullets shot from the Missiles deal the damage of a Gunner bullet with no upgrades. The Core can be damaged if this is still alive when the other 2 components are alive, being the last part killed. It swings around the Core at the rate of the Gunner.


The Obliterator is a metallic OCTAGON with an absurdly large barrel. The barrel fires off Dominator bullets and has a trapezoidal base. It has 19,000 health, and on top of the octagon are 8 Auto Trapper turrets and alternating with drone spawners on the remaining sides. The Obliterator launches traps as it rotates, creating a slightly irregular ring of traps around the core. The drone spawners spawn Semi-Crushers, Crushers, and Phasers, with a total limit of 400 component possesses no special attacks as it is powerful in its own right.

Trapping Overseer

The Slicer is a red hexagon with 6 auto turrets on top of the tank. On the sides are Predator barrels with 9 cannons.

It has 23,500 health


Time to slice: Will shoot AI Bastion Upgrades.

Samurai: Will sacrifice itself to lose all weapons and gain 8 Paladins rotating the tank.

Machinery: Like the samurai, but the hexagon opens up, revealing 4 red factories after sacrificing.

AM Waves


The Corroser

The Corroser is a part that has some unique attacks, (Still the same bullet-trap thi-ahem, anyway) and will aim at player, moving around the circular body of The Corroser (The rear part) It has two attacks and glows orancge in some parts. It has 27.500 HP.

Platter Mine Launcher


Platter mine.

Platter mine Launcher is the weapon in the front, and is reinforced with two little lines. It's Platter mines have higher Penetration and Damage than maxed Mega Trapper, has a reload of 6 seconds, bullet speed of 4/7 Mega Trapper, each trap explodes, giving an are of effect damage, plus, it wil throw spikes at 8 directions.

Spinnt Cannon


Spinnt Cannon is in the middle of the component, is also wireframed, meaning it can turn 360o. It launches bullets that launch smaller bullets in 4 directions, like a machine gun. The Spinnt Cannon itself has damage and penetration of 4/7 of Destroyer, 1/7 of damage of Destroyer and bullet speed of an unupgraded Assassin. Reload is 1.4 seconds.

The bullets fired by the Spinnt Bullet, has same damage, penetration, and bullet speed of 5/7 Basic Tank. The reload of the Spinnt Bullet is same as a maxed Machine gun.



The Penultimate is a part that has a Smasher shell, which rotates as fast as a Smasher's. It has a arrow like shape with merged lines and a cannon. An Auto Drone launcher at the top and a (aesthetic) core at the very top, which shines. has 23.750 HP.

Toxicator Cannon

The Toxicator Cannon is a cannon with a small cut on it's tip. It launches Toxicator

The Toxicator Bullet.

Rounds, which leave a trail of nuclear waste behind. It has a penetration, bullet damage and bullet speed value of 5/7 Ranger. Reload is 3.5 seconds. The toxic waste it leaves behind, deals 20 HP/sec damage. ((I strongly advise to NOT go to the rear of the bullet))

Penuldrone Launcher

Penuldrone Launcher is a automated Spawner with some modified drones, and has a core as a hat. ((I love aesthetics- ahem, anyway)) It launches 3 types of drones. Evertime it shoots, it chooses a drone randomly. Here are the 3 types of Drones:



Penulgunner is fast and has 4 Gunner Cannons, these cannons are inferior to normal Gunner's.

Penulgunner has 4 Gunner Cannons, which are inferior to the real Gunner tank. It is fast and it deals 20HP of body damage whenever

HP Body Dmg. Weapon Dmg. Speed Points Wpn. Reload Points
60 20 HP/hit 25 HP/bullet 5/7 6/7



Penulployer is slow and has a Drone Spawner, the drones have 4/7 stats of Overlord tank.

HP Body Dmg. Weapon Dmg. Speed Points Wpn. Reload
120 20 HP/hit 32.5 HP/drone 3.5/7 ~0.35 seconds



The Penulancer is fast and has a long lance, like Trailblazer. It also has a machine gun barrel on the back, which is used to propell it forward.

HP Body Dmg. Lance Dmg. Speed Points
235 20 HP/hit 68.5 HP/touch 5/7 ((7/7)) *((When firing the back cannon))


It will always track down the nearest player until some other player comes closer. It has a sight range of 320 BG grids.

4L01510 1337

The Quintuplet The Eleven-shot The Focused-Spread twins

The Focused-Spread twins is one single entity that was divided in to two bodies due to the the instability of the original one. They are the Quintuplet and the Eleven-shot. they are linked together by a tunder like force, and this makes them unable to move away from each other. Each body has 9000 HP (18000 HP in total) and are the size of a fallen overlord.


The Quintuplet has a blue body with 5 barrels on the front positioned in the same way as the triplet, and a turret at the top, that looks like the Eleven-shot.

The Eleven-shot has a red body with 11 barrels positioned in the same way as the pentashot, and a turret at the top, that looks the Quintuplet.


The two bodies have have the same stats of a fallen booster, exept moovment speed that is the same as a fallen overlord, and 110% more bullet damage, and each turret has 35% of the bulet damage of the tank they are in. The max distance the can go away from each other is a circle with the width of the FOV of a asassin level 30.

If it happens that the bodies bump into eachother, they will start glowing, and then repel each other. This happens beacuse they try to fuse toguether again, but the result woud be an unstable body.

The Quintuplet is

  • Strong against: Focused fire tanks, meelee tanks and spread fire tanks.
  • Weak against: Multiple enemies, sniper classes, and tanks with high base bullet penetration and damage.

The Eleven-shot is

  • Strong against: Multiple enemies, spread fire tanks, smasher branch and drone wielding tanks.
  • Weak against: Tanks with focused fire, sniper branch and destroyer branch.


Each body will try to attack a tank that isn't being attached by the other. If there is only one tank to attack, only one of the bodies will attack, and the other one will move around like the fallen overlord.

Phase 2

"They said that we wouldn't finish to build mega war machine but we did it and we will not surrender against weak tanks that want to screw our conception ...HEY , you know what time it is?! Yes you know it, HEHE, you weak tanks with those weak barrels, you think you can screw our invention !? I will show you what the true power of this machine is!"

The second phase is just extremely powerful, during the first and second phase, the core after all the parts are defeated it will spin very fast and then his second phase starts, it looks like the fusion of all users that made their parts in this page , there are also all the parts attached with a chain to him but fallen.