The Constructor is a tank that branches off the Overseer. Instead of firing drones, It fires miniature tanks that stay in one place and fight for you


The Constructor appears similar to the Manager. The barrel is 2 normal barrels under a Manager Drone Creator

Peto Bislm


The Constructor has no attacks and instead creates Sentries that have 15 health and shoot bullets at 1 bullet / 0.5 of a second (or 1:0.50). On death a sentry will hand out 372 XP on tier 1, 582 on tier 2, and 1,302 on tier 3

It takes 5 seconds to make a sentry and to upgrade one. Upgrading a sentry requires 100 XP (if your xp is less than 23K, you cant upgrade or build sentries, and instead fire bullets that do 15 ingame DMG at most. This is also achievable via right click)

Tier Strength

Tier 1

15 HP


Sentry list

Tier 2

30 HP


Tier 3

40 HP

12 DMG


As the Constructor

Make sure to set up defenses

Against the Constructor

How do you kill machine guns? Do that.

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