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Template:TankInfoThe Controlled Booster is a Tier 5 tank upgrading from the Booster at level 60. Created by The Tidal Wave.


It looks quite different from it's predecessor. The main barrel is moved to the back, a pair of side barrels are gained, the side barrels are more aligned like a Gunner's barrels and a large rectangular battering ram is added to the front.

Attack methods

Pressing the left mouse button will fire the right 3 side barrels along with the main one. Pressing the right mouse button will fire the left 3 side barrels along with the main one. Pressing the spacebar will fire all barrels. The battering ram will deal 50% more body damage compared to the tank itself. Pressing Auto fire will fire all barrels as if it were a normal Booster. Auto spin can be only turned on after Auto fire is, and turning off Auto fire will turn of Auto Spin as well.


Pressing LMB will turn left. Pressing RMB will turn right. After performing a turn, the tank will automatically turn to face the mouse.


When compared to the Booster:

  • Body damage is increased.
  • Bullet speed, Bullet penetration and Bullet damage are decreased.
  • Reload is increased.
  • Movement speed is greatly increased.



As it's stats suggest, this tank is for ramming. The Controlled Booster is able to perform acute turns and stops due to it's unique turning method. Use this to confuse others into shooting where they think you will be instead of where you will actually be. Try to find drone users as you are faster than their drones even if they have Drone speed maxed out and you did not put any points into Movement speed.

Alternatively you could just turn on Auto fire and use this like a normal Booster.


Do not use ramming. Do so at your own risk. Glass cannon Octo-tanks should be able to deal with it fine as the Controlled Booster will take a lot of damage if it tries to ram you. Sniping is also effective but be sure to one-shot or two-shot it as missing will alert the Controlled Booster to your whereabouts.Template:TTWNav

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