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The Corona is one of the many boss tanks added to the game. It was added on 1/11/2018. The Corona is based off of a Red Supergiant star, a large red colored celestial body. The Corona closely resembles one of the newer tanks discovered in the world, the Poacher. The Corona features a new weapon, the Revolver, along with some weapons of old, a Drone Spawner and a Factory Spawner.

The Corona may spawn in the Domination and 4 Teams Game Modes.


The Corona features a circular tank body that resembles a large Supergiant star, with a Spawner at the back, and a seemingly heated Factory Spawner at the front, along with a new weapon mounted at the front: The Revolver. The Corona is the size of 2 Alpha Pentagons



The Corona features 25,000 health, which is way above the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Corona will reward 250,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Corona, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45 and beyond. Corona not regenerate health, but will instead gradually have its health decrease over time at a periodic rate, to simulate a star burning out. Corona has no need for body damage, as a tank will immediately burn up and die if tanks are too close to it. Corona also has the movement speed of a regular Level 45 Smasher with 2 points invested into Movement Speed.


The original version of The Revolver weapon used on the URU1.

The Revolver is a weapon only seen on the Corona and the URU1. The Revolver is characterized as a complex combination of the Sniper, Machine Gun, and Artillery, as it has the look of a Regular Sniper Cannon with higher reload. On the sides are 2 shorter Cannons that fire Three bullets like the Artillery does. The Reload is the same of that as 2x a Sniper, the bullet damage of the main Cannon being the same as Machine Gun, and the smaller Bullets having the same damage as the Artillerys side Cannons. The Revolver gives the "Burning" debuff upon being hit by the bullet for 15 Seconds.

Poacher Probe Spawner

A pack of Corona's 3 Probes.

Corona's Poacher Probes have 950 health each, and there can only be Three of them at a time. They slowly lose heal overtime like Corona does, and also have the same Red Supergiant-like tank body. Each one has a name tag, either displaying the names "Convector," "Prominence," or "Flair," for one of each. The two Cannons at the front have the Stats of a Hunter, excluding the bullet damage for them. The smaller Cannon has the damage of a Tank, while the bigger Cannon has the damage of a Single. The Spawners will do nothing. They are for decoration. If a tank touches a Probe, it will be burnt to death, similar to what happens to when the player touches Corona.

The way that the Probes spawn is that the thin bronze colored rectangle that's on top of the Revolver will move back into the large bronze base. Then it'll recoil back to its origin and a Poacher Probe will immediately launch out of the Revolver Cannon.

Being hit by any of the Probes' bullets will add a "Burning" debuff. The large bullet gives 15 seconds an the small one 10 seconds.

Drone Spawner

One of Corona's Drones. There are six of them.

Corona can have 6 drones. The drones have the same stats as a maxed Overlord Drone, but they apply the burning effect for 25 Seconds upon impact. The Drones have the health of a Level 45 Tank, and have the body damage of a maxed out Spike. They also lose health, similar to Corona itself.

Burning Debuff

The Burning Debuff deals gradual damage to the tank that has the debuff. Every 3 seconds the effect deals 12 damage.

On death

The Corona's weapons will melt, turning them into a substance that will immediately be set on fire. A 5-second run countdown will start and an large area (Around 4 Alpha Pentagons big) will be colored red and the players have to escape from it or they will get killed in the explosion.


  • Corona is based off of a Red Supergiant star.
  • One of the only 2 concepts done in January 2018.
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