Crackers-Q is the last boss you have to fight in (Fanon). He was added on 10/13/2017: Friday the 13th.


I know I tackled insane designs before, but this is too much, I'm sorry.


Crackers last normal appearance.

It all started in a Triangle nest not far from a nearby tank city. One tank came across the nest and wanted to talk with the polygons there. Back then, polygons and tanks were at peace. When the Auto Trapper came, a Triangle named Crackers suddenly rammed the tank, killed it, and took its body. Crackers later started a business for repairs to electronics. This later became Crackers Inc.. Crackers later got mad, so he took an Auto 5, and brutally teared apart it's Auto Turrets and rearranged them, creating the Automaton. He later moved his business out of bounds, next to a Ball tribe. He kidnapped some of the tanks from the tribe and used them as workers, or worse, tank bodies. He got the weapons by kidnapping tanks and ripping off their weapons. He was mad and crazy, a bad combination. Others were thick, and didn't get the message. Some of his creations escaped, like Trefoil and The Spaceship, all of which talk about an upcoming apocalypse, with Crackers in an alternate form.

How to access

You have to be in a Survival map, and the last two tanks have to be an Annihilator and a Superposition. The Annihilator has to shoot at the North border while the Superposition and the Annihilator have to keep on going up. They both will eventually go through the wall, which has invisible impassable walls that narrow down into a narrow passage to another room containing a new boss, Androgenus Nofriender. The best way to kill Androgenus is for the Superposition to keep on moving and for the Annihilator to keep on shooting, and avoiding the nerfed Arena Closers. When Androgenus Nofriender is killed, another passage is opened to an Abandoned Mothership server. At this point, Memoryhead spawns in another Gamemode, excluding Survival. If a player rams Memoryhead, every level 45 player will be teleported to the place described in the Memoryhead page. If all of the bosses that can be pacified are pacified, then they will all be there. They include Stalemate, The Spaceship, Erebu, Questio and Exclama, Flawed Automaton, and The Magic Highway. They will all break down the locked door, leading to a hallway with HISF4T3_ in it. In the very next room is Crackers.

Phase 1

Crackers starts the fight by summoning Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk. Crackers shoots like a regular Auto Trapper, but with a Machine Gun Auto Turret. Relatively speaking, Crackers is extremely weak in this stage. Very weak. He has only one special attack.

  • Explosion
Crackers' next 30 traps will explode into a Fort.

Phase 2

This phase is entered when Crackers has lost all of his HP. He disappears for a few seconds along with the Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk in the room, but Crackers reappears after a few seconds, with a lot more that 400 health. This time, he has 66,320,000 health. All of the pacified bosses will join the battle and gradually decrease his HP. He has some attacks along with his now massive health pool. Each phase has an average of 1,658,000 HP.

1.Death Ray

  • Crackers fires like a laser now. Each projectile can set it's opponent's health to 0, so even if it has infinite health, it can still die.


  • Crackers transforms into a random boss tank for one minute.

Phase 3

Crackers starts to emit smoke. Another attack has been added.


  • Crackers suddenly jolts to the nearest tank and rams it, which depletes it HP to 1, always.

Phase 4

Crackers starts to spin like crazy, and then an opening is shown. Tanks must exit the room in 1 minute. Once they are, they are outside. Crackers Inc. then explodes, revealing a new form of Crackers: Crackers-Q. The design perfectly entails everything. Every single attack is buffed by 255%.

Phase 5

Suddenly, experiment that Crackers has made surround him. He gains an attack buff, and 1 more attack.


  • Send swarms of defective tanks to the closest 10 targets.

Phase 6

Crackers will gain 2 more launchers, making a Tri-Trapper formation. He will summon 100 Forts that are respawned when killed.

Phase 7

The forts will all combine into 3 gigantic forts that protect Crackers. The Spaceship will enter it's phase 2 stage, and Exclama and Questio will spawn a machine that spawns Fallen Boosters and Fallen Overlords to be used against Crackers.

Phase 8

Crackers will begin to pump out 10000 glitchy level 45 tanks like Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk, and they will all form a glitchy ring around Crackers. Their fighting mechanics (negative health, corruption) are the same as Xyv, and they each have 1000 health. When one of them is killed, Crackers gets +1% damage dealt.

Phase 9

Crackers gains 3 lances that extend from the gaps of his Trapper barrels. He gains 2 new attacks in this phase: 1.Super Saw

  • Spins wildly and charges into the nearest tank, lowering their health to 0. Always.


  • Uses his Auto turret to fire 1 comically GIGANTIC bullet into the air. Said bullet then comes crashing back down, shaking the whole arena and doing mediocre to heavy damage to every tank.

Phase 10

Crackers grows 6 auto turrets that look like the top one, each one located between a Trapper barrel and a Lance. Erebu at this point starts spamming Popcorn Di Erebu that damage Crackers and his minions/experiments/servants.

Phase 11

Crackers starts emitting more smoke than in phase 2. He gains 1 new attack.

1.Turret Drone

  • Detaches all his auto turrets and regrows them. The detached turrets act as separate tanks and have 5000 health each. Once the tanks hit 3000 health,the turn into random polygon bosses.

Phase 12

Crackers is getting mad! His body colour changes from purple to red and he starts firing and using attacks at 200% speed. Questio and Exclama will use their machine to spawn Fallen versions of every level 45 tank at the same rate.

Phase 13

Crackers catches fire and starts taking 1 damage per second. However, his attacks now do constant damage of 1 damage per second because the tanks hit also catch fire. The Spaceship enters Phase 3. Crackers' attacks are buffet by 110%.

Phase 14

Crackers creates a corrupted version of every boss and becomes invincible. They are on Cracker's side and they must be defeated for Crackers to take damage again.

Phase 15

After all the corrupted bosses are defeated, Crackers trembles and turns into a slightly glitchy form. There are now 4 large tentacles coming out of Crackers and he gains 3 new attacks. Questio and Exclama will combine and form "Questiclama", which looks like a rounded body with 4 arms, 2 eyes and both Questio and Exclama's head extensions. Questiclama can spawn Fallen variants of every level 45 tank at alarming rates to try to overwhelm Crackers.


  • Disappears and appears randomly. All tanks get scared and do 50% less damage against him.


  • Grabs tanks with his tentacles and crushes them, lowering their health to 0 immediately.

3.Dark blaster

  • Shoots dark matter from his barrels, turrets and tentacles. They stick to tanks and turn them into AI-controlled tanks for 15 seconds.

Phase 16

The arena shakes, and 3 Stalkers that will always be visible come to assist Crackers-Q. The catch is that you can't kill these Stalkers.

Stalker 1

Teleport: Will disappear, and there will be a red X where the Stalker will appear next.

Stalker 2

Ram: Will gain two booster barrels at the back and attempts to ram a player. Lasts 5 seconds.

Stalker 3

Megashot: The Stalker barrel changes to a Destroyer barrel for 10 seconds.


1. Corruption: Portals form and tentacles come out. Players grabbed will be pulled in and come out with 2x less health. They have a 50% chance to become AI for 5 seconds.

2. Ethereal Power: Summons 3 more Stalkers without special moves that disappear after 5 seconds.

Phase 17

Crackers is going crazy. He will resummon the corrupted bosses. However, no corruption is corruption without the corrupted bosses becoming 33x stronger than their normal counterparts, right? The Stalkers disappear.

1. DEATH: Oh, come on, this is the 13th attack, what were you expecting? Crackers-Q gains red eyes for 10 seconds, and these red eyes shoot lasers.

2. Empower: Crackers gathers all the remains of the dead tanks so far and uses them to make Crackers more powerful. Crackers gets 2x attack, which wears off after 20 seconds.

3. Spectral Interference: The Stalkers are back. Man, Crackers sure loves those Stalkers, huh? Lasts 10 seconds.

4. Breakdown: Crackers starts to crack, and splits into 5 separate parts that chase players for 20 seconds.

Phase 18

Nothing to say here except that Crackers is now blue.

1. Battle Cry: Summons one of every tank to help him out.

2. Fire: Summons Fireballs everywhere. I mean seriously, just look at the attack name.

3. Ability Elixer: An extremely annoying attack that has a 25% chance of crashing people's computers, and a 10% chance of restarting the fight, even though nothing happened.

Phase 19

Crackers wants the players dead. Crackers now has 2 scythes that look like they came from Death itself. Crackers gains many attacks from these weapons, and also has hands to hold them.

1. Slap: Tries slapping a tank.

2. Slice'n Dice: Throws one scythe like a boomerang. It comes back after 5 seconds.

3. Vendetta: Forms a cross sign with the scythes, and the meeting point will spew bullets. Lasts for 10 seconds, but probably one of the most deadly of Cracker's attacks, as the bullets follow no pattern.

4. Personal Memo: Crackers with etch the letters "C.Z" onto the nearest tank. In the next phase, somethin will happen to that tank.

Phase 20

The room becomes 5x larger. Things are going to get crazy in here, with the addition of robots and other mechanical things that Crackers has created.

Top Notch Security: Security cameras pop up and start shooting red lasers for 20 seconds at rapid speed. They have 800 health each and there are 8 of them.

Towering Twist: 5 Mechs spawn, each have 1000 health.


Rollout: Turns to a ball and tries to ram players for 5 seconds.

Metalworking: Spawns 4 Drones to help.

If a tank is under the effects of Personal Memo, it will become invincible, but will attack enemy players.

Phase 21

Crackers is getting desperate. So are Cracker's minions, who are starting to doubt Cracker's ability.

1. Cracker: Throws a cracker at a player. Everyone stares at Crackers with disbelief for 5 seconds. The player's bullets will do more damage since the player ate the cracker. Crackers will lose not only 500 HP. But also his dignity.

2. Cheese: Same thing as cracker but with cheese. The player now gets 2x speed.

Phase 22

Crackers turns green and starts shooting everywhere along with new attacks. He will also never use Cracker and Cheese ever again.

1. Frenzy: Gains 2x all bullet stats.

Phase 23: Betrayal

All of Cracker's allies attack Crackers., but will all die due to Cracker's "DEATH" attack. Crackers gains all of their abilities, and starts to become corrupted. He gains one more attack.

1. Hyperventilation: All tanks around Crackers will begin to be burned. They wont be able to shoot for 10 seconds.

Phase 24:

Crackers spits out ghosts of crackers allies which do not betray Crackers. Crackers keeps the abilites but the ally ghosts are weaker than there physical form and cannot be killed.

Phase 25:

Crackers's allies disappears and he gets mad. The more you hit him during this phase, the red-er he is. His stragegy becomes chasing you (and possibly other persons because fighting him alone is too difficult) around until you die. He also uses his abilites way more often.

Phase 26

"Error: 0v3rh347" Crackers's temperature is boiling hot. Suddenly, he gets an error and he goes at random directions. He also uses abilities at random. If he hits everything except a bullet, he will bounce off the object and completely destroy it whatever it is.

Phase 27

Crackers makes a big explosion and loses all of his "skin". He only has an endoskeleton, now. Because of that, he uses a "indestructable" protective shell with a new ability. The only way to destroy the protective shell is to make the homing missile hit crackers instead.

1. Homing missile launch: Throws a homing missile.

Phase 28

Crackers is only an endoskeleton, now. So, he tries using all of his previous weapons against you (Except the cheese, crackers and allies).

1. Shield: Will hold a shield for the duration of the phase

Phase 29

Crackers will start draining a dark substance out of himself. The dark substance will cover him and he will do things similar to the Dark Lord. He will not use any other abilites than the abilities in this phase.

1. Scythe Slash: Crackers Slash his scythe killing anyone in contact

2. Trident beam: Will turn anything it touches into stone

Phase 30

Crackers separates himself into a ton of Darklings. To defeat this phase, you must destroy all the Darklings which is easier said than done.

1. Mini Scythe Slash: Same thing as Scythe Slash but weaker and smaller.

Phase 31

All the dead darklings will reunite into Crackers. Crackers will look desperate and ask the player to spare him, but no option appears. Crackers just waits until he starts attacking like in phase 28, but heavily buffed. There is also a 25% chance for the battle to completely restart.

Phase 32

Crackers will unveal his 8 hands which will try to pull you inside a shredder. He will also make spider webs like a spider. Basically, this phase is Crackers turning into a spider.

1. Shredder: Tears you apart in 193257 different pieces. In other words, you're dead.

2. Web throw: Throws a web at you. traps you till you destroy the web.

Phase 33

Crackers puts a special balloon as his skin. Everytime you hit him, he inflates. While you do that, he slowly follows you around and uses his previous abilites (Except the crackers, cheese and allies)

Phase 34

Crackers's skin pops like a balloon and equips a force field. He becomes less aggressive and instead looks at you laughing sometimes but the broken balloon parts becomes tanks that want you dead. Destroy all the tanks to go to the next phase.

Phase 35

Crackers decides to use his last resort: The MDMD (Mega Destructive Machine of Doom). He starts installing it but it takes a lot of time. So, he puts a forcefield around it so you don't hit it and he justs attacks you like phase 28 but he has a force field. The phase finishes when the installing is complete.

Phase 36

Crackers hops on his machine but the force fields don't work anymore. This phase is similar to phase 28 but with a lot more stuff. The machine has TONS of destrective abilities. Here's some of them:

1. Machine guns: MDMD will change his arms to Machine guns. They are more similar to real life machine guns and there bullets too. The bullets go as fast as real life bullets but the arm go enough slowly that you're able to avoid it. And, the bullets don't go that far.

2. Ultimate beam of doom: MDMD Opens his mouth and spurts out a big beam that does ALOT of damage.

3. Hand/Foot squash: MDMD will put his hand/foot in the air and try to squash you with it.

4. Rocket spray: MDMD's arms turn into cannon which shoot sprays of Rockets.

5. Earthquake: MDMD jumps high in the air and squashes you. If you are close to him you will be damaged and you will be freezed until the earthquake ends. The only way to not take damage is to go away from where MDMD stomps which will only freeze you until the earthquake ends.

6. Flamethrower: MDMD's arms turn into flamethrowers which will burn you for 10 second on impact.

7. Freeze Ray: MDMD's arms turn into "freeze ray guns" which will freeze you for 10 second on impact.

8. Leaf blower(?): If you have ALOT of body damage and you get too close of MDMD, His arms will turn into leaf blowers which will push you to the limit of the arena because of its incredible power. But, it deals no damage.

Phase 37

MDMD's body is starting to get a little too damaged. So, most of his attack will have different wideness or trajectory because of the broken parts. For example, the flamethrower has a wider but slightly shorter range because it is slightly destroyed. Same attacks but weirder parterns.

Phase 38

MDMD's body is completely destroy and he abandons the body. Luckily (for Crackers), his head is perfectly fine and he's now just a head that floats because of jets. In the process, he loses a lot of his abilities that needed the full body like "Hand/Foot squash" and "Earthquake". All of the other attacks now come out of the mouth and have a wider and longer range (Except for the beam). He is also faster in this phase.

Phase 39

MDMD explodes and Crackers comes out of it. A lot of the previous "hand weapons" are now scrap pieces and Crackers use them as bases to protect himself. He is only his original form after all. There is a 75% chance for the battle to completely restart at all times, making this phase a pain.

Phase 40

Crackers spins like crazy, and all of his weapons fly out, leaving just a ball, which disappears into a regular Triangle polygon. Deplete all of his health, and he is done...

Death Animation

Everyone in the server will have their cameras focused at Crackers. The polygon bosses will start to gather around him. Crackers trembles in fear. Suddendly, he starts turning into every tank, according to their Tank ID's, stopping for a few seconds at Auto Trapper, then going back onwards. He stops at Automaton and then a cutscene is played...

An Auto Trapper frolicks in a Triangle nest, spinning and not killing them. Back then, polygons and tanks were at peace. Then, a tragedy. A Triangle named Crackers rushes over to the Auto Trapper, and kills him. The Triangle took the Auto Turret off of the Auto Trapper, and took the body. He then killed a Machine Gun and an Ejector to complete his body. He then created a path, and then killed an Auto 5, brutally ripping it's Auto Turrets, forming it into the Flawed Automaton. Then, he founded Crackers Inc., which the polygons didn't like. He befriended a young tank named Erebu. When she discovered another dimension, Crackers tool all the credit. Erebu then found Vivillian (The Stalemate) and trained to get back at him. Later on, he created 3 experiments. Questio and Exclama, The Spaceship, and a project; Project Fire/Water-4. Fire and Water turned out to be an unnamed Skimmer/Fighter hybrid and Aquamarine. Questio, Exclama, and The Spaceship were abused at Crackers Inc., so they plotted a scheme. They created Androgenus Nofriender prevent Crackers to get out. It worked, but players got it. They hoped they would kill Crackers for his horrible deeds and mistreatments... They did.

The scene then fades to white, as another scene happens...

Astra and Crackers are talking about their companies in a hateful manner. This happened exactly when was released. Crackers won the dispute and Crackers Inc. grew. After Crackers' defeat, Astra's company, TankTecc, took over.

The scene fades back into the game. Crackers is dead. A portal, the exit, is where he was. Everyone is teleported next to it. They must go into it. When they do, they'll be teleported to a place with every single polygon boss. The bosses and a few NPC tanks agree that they will finally be at peace once more. There is now an option if you want to harm polygons or not. This is condoned, and it's included because every polygon that can be harmed are artificial, non living ones. The long fight is over...


  • Crackers represents a personal trouble I had had for a long time. Crackers Represents hatred, and the Auto Trapper is me. My mind got killed by hatred, and my friends,the polygon bosses in the battle, which are accurately reflected in their real personalities, helped me get free from the hatred of everything. The battle is kind of somber when you think about it.
  • This is technically the final boss of part one of two of my AU.
  • The battle can only restart a maximum of 3 times.


Crackers' company is defeated, and replaced with TankTecc.

The TankTecc system is a new (non-canon) feature in and Mobile. Its feature is to teach new players about tanks, gamemodes, polygons, and more. It can be turned off in the Options Menu. TankTecc is also the name of a company that created the TankTecc system. It can be accessed after Crackers-Q has been defeated.


The TankTecc system features a box with orange on the inside and a pink and purple grooved border. In the template is an main image of the old Predator, which is the "mascot" of TankTecc, and information about the tank in question at the right.


TankTecc is a non-corrupt that was founded by Astra and Erebu. Erebu started a secodndary company called "Popcorn Di Erebu," leaving Astra in control. The company then got overshadowed by Crackers Inc., leaving TankTecc to become bankrupt. It didn't, and survived because of "Popcorn Di Erebu". After Crackers-Q's defeat, TankTecc rose back to power, and became the replacement for Crackers Inc..


TankTecc's most famous invention by the same name tells players about tanks. An example for Automaton is below.

The Automaton is a tier 4 tank that is one of the current upgrade options from Spammer and Auto 3 and may not upgrade any further. The Automaton features 4 Auto Guns at the front that aim independently.
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