Crasher Warfare is a gamemode that spawns when certain conditions are met. Created by Fall Out Wave.


If 10000 Crashers, 2000 Pentagons and 200 Alpha Pentagons are killed in a day, then Crasher Warfare will spawn the next day.


The Polygon Mother has had enough! With some help from Dr. Lacus, she has managed to abduct some tanks and put them into the bodies of Crashers! Let's see how they feel about being slaughtered every day...

Crashers, in this gamemode are playable and much bulkier, with a level 1 having the health of a Pentagon. They can also reach a max level of 30 and upgrade twice. More about Crashers will be mentioned later.

All tanks can reach level 45 as usual and have the usual classes available for upgrade. All 3 teams' objective is to kill 10000 of the other teams to win the game.

Polygons only spawn in and near the Pentagon Nest, including Squares and Triangles. Therefore, the Crashers must defend it at all costs. Tanks, if they dare not enter the Nest, can only kill tanks of the other team to level up. Also, there are no spawn bases, so tanks spawn around the map randomly.


Crashers, unlike normal tanks, automatically move to the cursor, similar to the movement controls. They cannot hurt Pentagons, but they can kill Squares and Triangles. After all, they are Tanks stuck in Crasher Bodies. They do not gain upgrade points as they level up, and gain a set percentage of Health and Speed per level. They have a starting speed the same as a level 45 tank with 1 point in Movement Speed. All Crashers are the size of Pentagons.

Levels 1-15

Crasher Warfare Set 1

The basic Crasher, with its 3 upgrades: (from left to right) The Charger, Heavy and Shooter.

Per level up: +5% Health and Speed.


Charger: A Crasher that is an isosceles triangle as opposed to an equilateral triangle. They have a charging ability identical to the Lancer's. The charge has a cooldown time of 5 seconds. +10% Damage when upgraded to.

Heavy: A Crasher with a triangular shell like a Smasher's. +10% Damage when upgraded to.

Shooter: A Crasher with a pair of Gunner barrels at the back, like the Gunner Trapper's. Bullets do low damage. +5% Health and +5% Speed when upgraded to.

Levels 15-30


Crasher Warfare Set 2

The Charger, with its 3 upgrades: (anti-clockwise) The Lancer Crasher, Booster Crasher and Auto Charger.

Per level up: +3% Health and Charge Speed.


Lancer Crasher: A Charger with, a, well, lance at the tip. Now behaves exactly like a Lancer. +20% Damage when upgraded to.

Booster Crasher: A Charger with a set of Booster back barrels. Like the Trailblazer, loses its charging ability, gaining constant speed instead. +30% Speed when upgraded to.

Auto Charger: A Crasher shaped like a Trap. Upon left-clicking, charges in the direction of the nearest tank. +10% Health when upgraded to.


Crasher Warfare Set 3

The Heavy, with its 3 upgrades: (from left to right) The Super-Heavy, Mega Crasher and Armour Crasher.

Per level up: +1% Speed and +5% Health.


Super-Heavy: A Crasher with a thicker shell than the Heavy Crasher's. +10% Damage when upgraded to.

Mega Crasher: A huge Crasher the size of an Alpha Pentagon. +100% Health but -20% Speed when upgraded to.

Armour Crasher: A Crasher that is covered with metal plates. -20% taken damage when upgraded to.


Crasher Warfare Set 4

The Shooter, with its 3 upgrades: (anti-clockwise) The Auto Shooter, Wrecker and Laser.

Per level up: +3% Bullet Damage and +1% Health.


Auto Shooter: A Crasher with 3 top-mounted Auto turrets. +10% Bullet damage when upgraded to.

Wrecker: A Crasher with a Destroyer barrel at the back. +100% Bullet damage and Recoil but -80% Reload when upgraded to.

Laser: A Crasher with a set of Streamliner barrels at the back. -10% Bullet damage when upgraded to.

If you choose to remain as a Crasher until level 30, then you will not get any buffs until you upgrade. Then you will receive all the buffs that you were supposed to get.

Player distribution and kills

40% of players will be Crashers, 30% will be on the Blue team and 30% will be on the Red team.

In order to achieve a kill, after you kill an enemy, they will drop a glowing orb that you must pick up. Only the team that performed the kill will be able to pick up the orb. However, the other teams can deny access to the orb by heavily defending it, which disappears after 3 minutes if not picked up.


As the tanks

Just act like this is Tag mode. Defend your teammates, kill as much enemies as possible and get kills. The Booster and Fighter are good for picking up orbs and outracing Crashers.

As the Crashers

Being the Crashers is considerably harder than being the Tanks as your controls are changed and both tank teams are trying to kill you. Depending on the player's play style, some classes may be better than others.

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