Crys is an interesting Hesperian. Unlike other common Hesperians whose job is to venture out into the unforgiving Realm to gather IE Energy, Crys likes to help others, even non-Hesperians (Hesperians generally aren't hostile to anyone, actually, unless they're attacked first.) He's small, but isn't a Sassafras Minion.


Crys is a small blue hexagon wrapped in a large black scarf. He has a blue eye and a top hat with a red question mark on it. He has two small blue squares for hands.


Crys doesn't attack players, but they can attack him. He has a whopping 100,000 health, but when players finally "defeat" him, he drops absolutely nothing. By "defeat," it means he disappears in a poof of blue IE Energy at 0 HP.

However, right-clicking on Crys will open up a menu, where Crys can tell players about himself, aspects of the Hesperian League (some options are only available on certain days), the area where they are and what to look out for, and what players should do next in their storyline. Crys can also answer otherwise obscure questions.

Crys can also offer information on ongoing events like Invasion Armies, Novementha's location, or other special events that occur once in a while only if they are currently active. Otherwise, he will be somewhat oblique in answering questions related to such events.


  • The idea of Crys was suggested by Diepic.
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