Probability of win: ZERO


The Cyber Mode is a special Event Gamemode that can be entered by [W.I.P].

All players spawn at level 20, and can level up to 45 by killing enemies and other spawning entities. and can level up to 45 by killing enemies and other spawning entities. Unlike the other gamemodes like this, you CAN respawn there, but only five times. "Lives" are displayed at the top-left corner, and you can earn them by killing the main bosses - two for each.

All players who join Cyber Mode spawn in the same server, as only one run of this gamemode can happen at a time. Once a run has started, another cannot until Barryl is killed or all players die/leave. Trying to enter results in a "Run In Progress..." message similar to "Waiting For Players..." in Survival.


  • Clone Drones
  • Punchers
  • Defensive Turrets with various colors
  • Viruses
  • Wall Crawlers inside the maze part
  • Crashers, Tri-Blades and Summoner Squares
  • Polygons from Square to Hexagon. The farther, the less and worse polygons will spawn.
  • AI-controlled versions of any playable tank. They have purple, green or red bodies and sometimes glitch out a bit.


Cyber Mode is giant, its size cannot be described (because it isn't finished, duh). The floor has tiles with color-changing border. Walls have similar texture, but sometimes there are weird symbols on them. Like in other similar gamemodes, map layout is always the same.


Start to Boss Gauntlet

The run starts at the bottom of the map, on a platform surrounded in black gltchy void and with a red glowing bridge leading up to the first room with some simple enemies and polygons. The next room on the right contains five random Viruses. Next three rooms have: Laser Cannons, small cluster of enemies and eight Viruses, in that order. Following the 8-Virus room is a long hallway with Wall Cannons and Punchers. [All rooms after these have groups of random enemies in them.] Later there is a room with three Bomb Drone Spawners. Behind them there is a blue glowing circle - the teleporter to first boss room.

Boss Gauntlet

When all players enter the boss room, one of four bosses spawns. After one dies, the next one spawns immediately. The last one always leaves behind blue teleporter to the next part of map.

Boss Gauntlet to Black Beast

Next segment is a maze. Remember when I said that map layout is always the same? Well, it's still kind of true. At the start of a game, one of three maze patterns is chosen randomly. In the entrance there's a 'I', 'II' or 'III' symbol on floor, so you know which pattern is used. Only Wall Crawlers and various Crashers spawn in mazes. At the end, again, there is the teleporter to the room before the boss.

Boss: Black Beast

Black Beast to The Morpher

A teleporter leads to a very long corridor with clusters of random enemies with another portal at the end. The catch is that a red crosshair sweeps across the whole room, moving in random directions. If it detects you, it stops and fast switches colors from red to yellow, and after a second an explosion occures there. It ignores Invisibility (the Tale of Diep one).

Boss: The Morpher

The Morpher to Barryl

The last corridor before The Final. It's filled with enemies and squares. Destroy them all and enter the final teleport.

Boss: Barryl


  • First gamemode of its kind where you have more than one limited live.
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