The Cyclone is a tank that upgrades from the Bastion at level 45. It may not upgrade further.


The Cyclone has 4 long right-angled lances 90 degrees apart around the tank, making it look like an enormous four-pointed ninja star.


The Cyclone has Auto Spin automatically activated like an Auto 3, however the speed at which it passively spins is 4 times faster. It loses its charge ability, but has a 10% increased base movement speed buff. As it moves, Gunner bullets are fired out from under the lances, creating an enormous wall. These bullets have very low bullet speed so they form barrier of sorts, but they spiral out and away from the tank in a whirlpool pattern. Bullet damage and penetration are 2 times less than that of the Streamliner's, but each lance has 5 mini-barrels stuck underneath it so there are a lot of bullets that surround this tank. Good for anti-rammer tactics, as the very dense bullet field will decimate even Spikes that get too close, not to mention the lances still do damage.


  • Cyclone sounded cooler than Hurricane.
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