The D-Cannon is a boss tank added on 10/6/2016. D-Cannon may appear randomly in Exploration. It is a simple tank with a straight forward design, along with its attack pattern. D-Cannon features a large Gatling gun, and Two spawners.


The D-Cannon is a simplistic boss tank, having a red, blue, green, or purple body color, with a simple Gatling gun at the front. At the sides, there are 2 Drone Spawners that spawn 16 AI controlled drones total, 8 for each Spawner. On the back is an extension, but it's not a reflector. It's for decoration.


Now outdated D-Cannon picture made by ItsNoobWikia

The D-Cannon has 65,530 health, which is a lot above the regular boss tank average, at 3,000. Upon defeat/destruction, D-Cannon rewards the player with 655,300, a lot higher than the regular boss average of 30,000. D-Cannon has the same body damage and speed as the now defunct Mothership.

Gatling Gun

The Gatling gun fires like a Three Cannoned Vulcan, but all of the stats are like a maxed out Triplet.


The Spawners have the same stats as a Manager. Each one spawns 8 drones each, for a total of 16. All of them has the stats of a Tank Bullet.


  • The name D-Cannon is a shortened version of "Destroyer Cannon."
  • D-Cannon was the first boss tank I have made.
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