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Wikia Guardian “This nest is my property!” This fanon article (a fictional idea for the game) is authored by The Tidal Wave. Please do not make any notable changes to it without their permission. LE TANKBULB V2

D-Mech is a member of the Template:C and can spawn in the Template:C gamemode in the Template:C. Created by The Tidal Wave.


D-Mech is a large blue tank, with a cockpit in the front to symbolize that it is a mech. 6 long legs extend from the side and 2 smaller arms extend from the top. One hand has a serrated blade and the other has a Gatling gun on it. He also has a large Ranger Turret on top of him.

The Fight

D-Mech is constantly moving about and he also jumps over tanks. His attacks usually involve either very heavy damage or major crippling.

  • Sweep: Uses his Gatling gun to keep tanks at bay and if they get close enough, he uses his turret to kill them. Usually, it's an OHKO, but a Smasher branch tank with 9 points in Max Health can survive it.
  • Saw tackle: Charges at tanks and slashes them with his blade. Tanks hit cannot regenerate health and take 30% more damage from anything.
  • Ball mode: Rolls into a ball and attempts to roll over tanks. If a tank is rolled over, it dies instantly with a special flattening animation. Lasts for about 30 seconds or so.
  • Domination mode: His legs root into place and his Ranger turret shoots at 300% reload rate and 200% damage and penetration.
  • Decapitation: Swings his blade in a wide arc and tanks hit will get their barrels chopped off, unable to fire.

Death animation

D-Mech's legs shatter and break apart as the main chassis rolls around helplessly until it explodes, summoning in another member of the League.


  • It is heavily implied in the introduction that D-Mech is not a tank, but instead some other species that is a scientist.


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