"i swear its legit title"


Daktor. Lakys is Dr. Lacus's mentally unstable brother... Erm... Cousin..? Half Brothe- The point is that he is related to him. He takes L-Pills but they don't help him end his misery.


Looks roughly like Dr. Lacus, none of the cybernetic-stuff on his face. He wears the same robe, but a bit... Quite a bit tattered. He wears wire-rimmed glasses with lenses that blur his vision, and both of his eyes stare off into 2 different directions because he is yes. Finally, Lakys has a crooked smile and is drooling. Its invisible.

Tanks Made

  • Cardboard Tank- it's a dud tank with no firing mechanism
  • Almost every boss tank in "The Tale of Diep"- Believe him on this one, he insists he made every boss tank, but he's right... But only on opposite day.
  • GOAT- Yes.
  • A box- Just a box that he loves.
  • Paper- He invented his own type of paper made from the materials at his local supermarket.
  • Notebook- Its in his eyes.
  • Lakys Saucer- His greatest invention. So great Dr. Lacus stole it and renamed it to Lacus Saucer... Seriously.
  •  ???- More is being uncovered.

Lakys's Lab of Research

"heLO cOmE One, CoM aL (Do not actually come into the lab, or I will slice your head open.) inTOz MY LAb of reZerch!"

The Lakys Lab of Research is where Dr. Lakys spends his free time, reading anime whenever its not negative never, and inventing some things.


  • Smells like raw fish
  • has a bunch of good concepts, but there is drool all over the paper.
    • Actually, every single boss in my navbox was invented by him. No joke. Be proud of him.
  • just a joke
  • join david's cult
  • His eyes are notebook paper
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