The Dasher is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Smasher. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It looks like the Smasher, except with a heptagonal base instead of a hexagonal base.


The Dasher, true to its name, has a charge ability somewhat akin to that of the Lancer’s. However, it is not exactly the same. Instead of charging in one direction and making turning hard, the Dasher has a totally different mechanic. Holding down the right mouse button causes the Dasher to become stationary and a bar appears at the bottom of the screen above your name. This bar looks like an skill point upgrade bar, except it has 5 subdivisions instead of 7. You can hold down the button for up to 5 seconds before releasing it for maximum power, at which the Dasher will go flying away towards your cursor's immediate location before you released the mouse button. In addition, while you are charging the dash, the bar that appears at the bottom will get another segment added, and the color turns from green to red with each segment added. For each second the button is held down, the distance traveled will increase:

  • 1 second-10 background tiles
  • 2 seconds-14 background tiles
  • 3 seconds-18 background tiles
  • 4 seconds-22 background tiles
  • 5 seconds-26 background tiles

The Dasher also gets a slight view range increase (the current range is now equal to that of a Hunter's view range, as it is less than an Assassin's but greater than a Sniper's.)

The dash ability can be used every 20 seconds, and the time it takes to travel the full distance charged is determined by this formula: dash distance/dash distance - 2 = time taken to travel. For reference, the recoil of a Destroyer's bullet makes the Destroyer travel 9 tiles in the opposite direction of the bullet's trajectory. The Dasher cannot manually change its trajectory when it is charging.

When the Dasher hits a polygon or tank during its charge regardless of where it is in the charge, it does more damage because of the velocity of the Dasher is greater compared to the velocity of the target, say a Triplet which is usually very slow. If the Dasher hits its target and the target survives, the Dasher bounces off at a random angle (anywhere between 10 and 170 degrees) and finishes its charge. Otherwise, the Dasher continues on its course while sustaining the damage taken from the ramming. If the Dasher hits drones or bullets, those will slow down the Dasher significantly and reduce its charge distance.


  • Since it takes 5 seconds to fully charge up a long dash, that leaves the Dasher wide open to an attack.
  • If the Dasher hits a Maze wall while charging or the map border, it will bounce off it taking no damage and continue its charge. It would be funny to see a Dasher repeatedly bounce off Maze walls with no control at all.
  • If the Dasher is not charging, it functions exactly the same as a normal Smasher.
  • The Dasher will automatically bounce off of Alpha Pentagons, Dominators, bosses, Motherships, and Arena Closers while still doing damage. Crashers do not stop the Dasher, although the Dasher will smash through any non-alpha pentagons while taking their body damage. Watch out for those decagons!
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