Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a flying Sassafras Supreme? No, it's the Death Octagon. And if you see its superlaser dish, it sees you. And do you know what happens when it sees you?


Yes, that's what happens. Complete and utter disintegration.

The Death Octagon, formally known as the DO-8 High-Altitude Defense Unit, is a practically unfightable Realm Boss that guards Octrax's Edifice, courtesy of Dr. Lacus Octrax in The Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


Think Death Star, but octagonal and purple. Does it need to be really spelled out for you?

The Death Octagon

The unfortunate thing about the Death Octagon is that you can't destroy it. There's absolutely NO WAY of hitting it, as it hovers in the air 30,000 feet above Octrax's fortress, put there by whoever created it (it's conjectural between Dr. Lacus, the Hesperians, or Octrax. All of these parties declined to comment or smacked a pie in the reporter's face.) Whatever its origin, it remains in high orbit around Octrax's fortress, guarding it against anything that isn't a polygon or other being it's programmed not to target.

Avoiding the Death Octagon

It has one flaw, though (no, not a lack of adequate shield generators on a thermal exhaust port.) The Death Octagon's patrol pattern leaves a fairly large opening that players can slip through to enter Octrax's fortress, denoted by the lack of a shadow and by listening to the Imperial March. The background music is a good indicator if the Death Octagon nears the targeting area; if it fades, then players can move in, but if it starts getting louder, they must move out of its targeting area. If players are within the Death Octagon's shadow, they are guaranteed to die within 10 seconds, as a gigantic purple laser will come down from the sky and vaporize them.

While it is not actually ever seen, the Death Octagon is massive, being 12 miles in radius by the best calculations courtesy of the Hesperians. Its superlaser, like one might guess, packs a more-than-fatal punch. Thus, it's best to avoid it entirely, or attempt to circumvent its protection and exploit its flaw... if you have the guts.


  • I procrastinated saved this idea for creation until May 4th, Star Wars Day, quite fittingly.
  • Within Mad Science, players may see a faded blueprint on one of the walls that somewhat resembles the Death Octagon but differs in some places, pointing to Dr. Lacus as the originator of this battle machine. However, there are also more clearer schematics that almost exactly match the Death Octagon in Sassafrexen's room in the City of Hesperia in the Realm of Sassafras, giving some ground to the argument that the Hesperians may have had something to do with it. Finally, there are full-color pictures and component schematics on the walls of Octrax's room in his fortress. The Death Octagon is most certainly Octrax's creation, but who he collaborated with (or who stole the plans and improved them) is unknown.
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