The Death Star is a Tier 4 Upgrade from the Destroyer or Quad Tank and can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.


The Death Star features a circular base and six massive Cannons spaced out equally around the tank. Each Cannon fires a bullet as big as the Cannon itself.  


The Death Star fires all six of its Cannons at once. These Cannons each fire one bullet that is slightly smaller and slightly faster than a Destroyer's, but is no different otherwise. However, compared to the Destroyer, the Death Star's reload is dramatically decreased. Due to its Cannon arrangement, the Death Star suffers no recoil.


  • Strong Against: Groups of tanks, slow-moving tanks, ram classes, anything if caught off-guard, most fast RoF tanks.
  • Weak Against: Sniper-class tanks, skilled Drone users, Light Machine Gun-class tanks, the Penta Shot.

As the Death Star

  • The Death Star does not have recoil. It cannot be used to ram effectively.
  • In a one on one scenario, treat the Death Star as a Destroyer with lower reload. Players must be more careful with their shots.
  • Investing points in Reload is especially important as a Death Star in order to not be completely helpless after missing a single shot. While the Destroyer can evade enemies for long enough to recover and shoot again, the Death Star's even slower reload typically prevents it from doing so with low Reload.
  • When the Death Star can actually shoot, it is the single most powerful tank in the game defensively, able to deny all bullets in no less than six directions around itself.
  • Movement Speed is important as the Death Star in order to be able to effectively ambush people and prevent them from easily evading its slow bullets.
  • Against focused fire classes, the Death Star should be treated like a Destroyer. Despite its slower reload, its bullets are no less able to plow through streams of bullets and the tanks creating them than its predecessor's.
    • The multidirectional fire that the Death Star wields may make some enemies panic and attempt to overdodge or make mistakes.
  • In bigger battles in team modes, a Death Star can wreak havoc simply by firing in the direction of the enemy team.
  • The Death Star is capable of overpowering enemy Drones with its six bullets, but its reload may leave it lacking in ability to actually kill an enemy Drone wielder.
  • Be patient against rammers. Firing too early will usually cause them to evade the bullets and then close in for the kill. Instead, await them to get close enough to guarantee their own death or for them to leave after seeing they will not be able to do anything.

Against the Death Star

  • The LMG branch and the Penta Shot have powerful fire that's still spread out enough to slip between the cracks in the Death Star's defense and promptly overpower it once it needs to reload.
  • The Sniper branch can use its higher FoV and fast bullets to kill a Death Star before it has time to react or locate the enemy Sniper.
  • Skilled Drone users can spread out their Drones against a Death Star to prevent them all from being destroyed by it and then collapse whatever is left following the Death Star's blast into the tank itself to kill it. However, against more patient Death Stars, this may not work, as they may wait for this tactic to be attempted then only fire on the Drones once they are close enough to all be destroyed.
  • The Death Star's predecessor and alternatives have the higher chance of winning a fight against a Death Star due to their higher reload.
  • Do not try to fight a Death Star while it is fighting someone else. It can annihilate enemies in six separate directions.
  • Despite its impressive multidirectional fire, players should not panic while facing a Death Star. There is still quite a bit of room to dodge its barrage.


  • This tank was initially featured in the mockup build as the Death Star. Rather than using actual Destroyer bullets, it used Pounder bullets, which were less powerful than the Destroyer's.


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