The Deathray is a Boss that spawns in whatever Game Modes let Bosses spawn in them, such as 4 Teams and 2 Teams mode.


The Deathray's design is a giant, black decagon with a dark red eye in the middle. It's appearance is similar to The Saw's, but don't get them confused.

Things to Watch Out For

The first is when it is lured close to one of the bases, which is when it will shoot a green deathray (unlike the normal red) that turns the base defenders into red Crashers that go in a circle around it, and go out around it when a player gets close. The second is when it is close to the Pentagon Nest, and it shoots a purple deathray that ends 50 tiles away, and random spots in the ray will be covered with Pentagons. The third and final is when it goes close to the outskirts of the map, it can see the whole arena and the range of its deathray is the whole arena, and it will shoot three massive death rays that instantly kill players. It ends only when it has been shooting the rays for 60 seconds without being hit.

Attack - Main

The main attack of the Deathray is to shoot one, massive red deathray that disintegrates players (and polygons, if it shoots a blue laser, but that is very rare) unless the have a high maximum health amount. It is very rare that it shoots a blue deathray, which destroys polygons, and ashes are left behind (literally, tiny black ashes), which then become drone versions of the polygons they were to fight for the Deathray.

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