Death comes in many forms. This is just one of them... times ten.

The Decadeath is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to replace a Fallen Overlord spawn. Idea by Diepmon.


It is about 0.9x the size of the Industrian, with a black decagonal body. It does not represent any specific polygon. Each corner has an Auto Turret, while each side has a spawner. Up top is an enormous weapon called the Giga Striker, with 7 Gunner barrels and a large Heavy Auto Turret up top. On the rear of the teardrop base are two trap launchers. There is a shimmery white glow effect around it.


The Decadeath does not possess any special attacks, but battling it is very dangerous. While 10 Auto Turrets with 360 degree range fire at you, Pleaeges spawn from the drone spawners, with a maximum of 30, 3 per spawner. In addition, the Giga Striker occasionally flies off the Decadeath and chases tanks around, killing anything in its path. It fires Gunner bullets while leaving a trail of traps, making it dangerous on both sides. Otherwise, it stays on the Decadeath, firing at tanks. The Giga Striker has 2000 health, and if drained of its health bar it will warp back to its place on the Decadeath and remain inactive for 75 seconds.

The Decadeath usually moves like other polygon bosses, avoiding bases. However, it is aggressive to anything, including tanks (even those below level 15), other bosses (even other polygon bosses), Crashers, drones, polygons, and other enemies. The Decadeath will even attempt to ram targets it deems a large enough threat, such as bosses and level 45 tanks. When this happens, it gains an additional 75% damage reduction buff while it increases its movement speed by 2.5x to charge at its target.


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