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Degradation loves to degrade. He loves corrosive things, erosion and basically anything that makes things die slowly, and painfully. This is why, when the Squadron of Insanity was defeated and enslaved- um, hired by Template:C to serve Panzer, he chose to assist Vanadus; they both enjoy seeing forces of nature get to work and destroy the Tank Empire without raising a finger.


Degradation is a member of the Squadron of Insanity, and a Event Boss that spawns in Vallard Wastes as part of the Armageddon event. Created by The Tidal Wave.

Degradation is a greyish blue tank with black arms (with elbows) and circle hands the same shade of blue as his body. He has a large black Viking helmet decorated with a single bright blue gem on it.

Degradation, like all other members of the Squadron of Insanity, has 2 weapons.


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