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Degradation loves to degrade. He loves corrosive things, erosion and basically anything that makes things die slowly, and painfully. This is why, when the Squadron of Insanity was defeated and enslaved- um, hired by Template:C to serve Panzer, he chose to assist Vanadus; they both enjoy seeing forces of nature get to work and destroy the Tank Empire without raising a finger.


Degradation is a member of the Squadron of Insanity, and a Event Boss that spawns in Vallard Wastes as part of the Armageddon event. Created by The Tidal Wave.

Degradation is a greyish blue tank with black arms (with elbows) and circle hands the same shade of blue as his body. He has a large black Viking helmet decorated with a single bright blue gem on it. He, like all other members of the Squadron of Insanity, has 2 weapons, one melee and one ranged.

Rust Musket

The Rust Musket.

Degradation's ranged weapon is named the Rust Musket, and inflicts an unique debuff used by Degradation and only Degradation: Oxidizing. Entities inflicted with Oxidizing get +10% damage recieved, -10% damage dealt and -10% movenemt speed for every second Oxidizing is in effect. The damage done reduced/damage taken increased/speed decreased is always taken from the original value, not the new, nerfed value. After the Oxidizing period ends, the effects won't immediately stop like Broken or Blinded do, but instead slowly wear off, undoing what it did over the same amount of time. That means if one gets inflicted with Oxidizing for 5 seconds, when Oxidizing wears off, he/she/it will get -50% damage done, then -40% after a second, and so on. The Rust Musket's shots inflict Oxidizing for 7 seconds unless otherwise specified, and do light damage.

Acid Axe

The Acid Axe.

Degradation's melee weapon is named the Acid Axe, and is much less complicated than the Rust Musket, simply inflicting a random debuff for 30 seconds on hit EXCEPT Oxidizing. It does hit much, much harder than the Rust Musket though.

First Battle


Like all other members of the Squadron of Insanity, Degradation has a pre-battle phase, in which he is Invulnerable. What players actually do in this phase varies greatly between each member; for Degradation, he spawns somewhere near the center of Vallard Wastes, surrounded by a huge heap of toxic waste that he constantly summons through conjured portals and maintains.

What players have to do, is that they must destroy the pile of toxic waste that surrounds Degradation. This is not an easy feat, as the heap of waste consists of 60 individual pieces of waste piled in a ring that have 1500 health each. Every 30 seconds, a piece is summoned in by Degradation, and piled on a spot where the waste is least concentrated. If a path is cleared, Degradation will shoot at tanks with his gun, firing a volley of 15 Gunner bullets from it. If he chooses to shoot at tanks, then the conjuring of toxic waste will be slowed down to conjuring a piece of waste every 40 seconds instead of 30.

Phase 1

Once the ring of waste has been more than 60% cleared, Degradation disintegrates the rest of the waste, and begins the fight by performing a very high leap over the tanks, doing a few flips and shooting at tanks whilst still in the air. Once he lands, he loses Invulnerable and starts using attacks from his attack pool, listed below.

  • Rust Blast: Shoots out volleys of Gunner Bullets from his gun, 10 at a time. Most commonly used attack.
  • Acid Shield: Uses his axe to block bullets fired at him and cleave Drones and Traps. The Acid Axe destroys drones and traps on contact, and deflects 50% of bullets fired at it. The other 50% is let through, though they only deal 75% of normal damage.
  • Waste Launch: Summons a piece of toxic waste (using the same texture as the waste seen in the pre-battle phase) and tosses it at tanks. Said piece of toxic waste explodes into green goo once it hits the ground, and tanks coming into contact with it will receive a random debuff that is NOT Oxidizing, Burning, and Waterflame.
  • Sandstorm: Shoots out TONS of tiny, tiny Drones from his gun. They surround Degradation for a small while, before flying out in all directions. Each individual Drone does pathetic damage, but it can accumulate very quickly, considering the sheer amount of Drones.
  • Neutralization: Swings his axe around for a while before tossing it at a bunch of tanks. Then, when the axe lands on the floor and does damage to tanks near the impact zone, he shoots a blast of blue liquid at it. Upon coming into contact with the Acid Axe, the blue liquid explodes into a ring of 16 bullets that do mediocre damage. Degradation then rushes over, picks up his axe and keeps battling as usual.
  • Cosmic Rust: Summons in a piece of toxic waste, then shoots at it with his gun. The piece of waste will start rusting, and while it is doing that, Degradation will toss it at tanks. Tanks hit will receive Oxidizing for 15 seconds.
  • Smoke Snipe: Shoots an INCREDIBLY fast bullet from his gun that targets the area with the most tanks. The bullet, upon impact, explodes into a large area of black smoke that gives Blinded, Broken, and Weakened to tanks in it.
  • Gun Jam: Shoots a volley of 20 bullets at tanks. These bullets will not do much damage, but instead inflict Stunned for 30 seconds.

Phase 2

When Degradation hits 150000 health, he enters his second battle phase, where, like all other members of the Squadron of Insanity, he loses one of his weapons and gains a major buff in one of his aspects. In Degradation's case, his axe cracks and shatters, and Degradation gets a large boost in agility. His attacks similarly become more movement-based and range-based, as opposed to damage-based.

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Second Fight

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