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About Defender Mode, Chapter 1

Defender Mode is a game mode that never closes, and the maximum amount of players is 50, and, let's get on with it already!

About Defender Mode, Chapter 2

So, Defender Mode is a Game Mode that is based off of fighting 140 Defenders in a multiplayer team battle. None of the players are against each other, and when the lobby is full, BOOM! All of the players spawn into the middle of the arena and 140 Defenders along with many shapes will spawn. Once 30 Defenders are defeated 2 Alpha Pentagons will spawn on both outer sides (on the horizontal) and a base for players will form in the center and the arena size will increase by 40 tiles. What about Arena Closure? Well, that's going to be explained in the next chapter.

What About Arena Closure?

What happens when the Defenders are defeated? The arena will shrink gradually by 150 tiles and players will be bunched up in a box, giving time for players to leave and join. Nothing except a few shapes for players to shoot to level up, and they won't die. Once 50 players are there again, the game will start back up!

What if the server crashes?

We would not just want the game saying "Sorry, we crashed.", but rather, about 100 Arena Closers would come and destroy everything.

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