The Defense is one of the six basic upgrade choices from the Tank and can be selected at Level 15. The Defense can further upgrade into the Flank Defense or Shield.


The Defense features a small shield with rough edges on the front. There is one Cannon integrated into this shield.


The Defense, being a defensive class, has a big health buff compared to the Tank. Its shield will block 20% of damage taken when hit. The Bullets it fires are weak. To compensate, the Defense gains four times the EXP of regular tanks.


  • Strong against: Unprepared tanks, weak tanks, spread tanks, low-reload tanks, Destroyer-class tanks, Auto Tanks
  • Weak against: Drone classes, certain Trap classes, high DPS classes

As the Defense

This should be reserved to team modes. Use it to soak up damage for your team. In FFA, a ramming build is the only way it will survive although the shield of its upgrades may be interesting for the gamemode.

Against the Defense

DO NOT use a tank that does not have a high DPS otherwise the opposing Defense will tank the damage while the other team/it finishes you off. The opposite will overwhelm its blocking and eventually killing it. Flanking is reliable considering there is no shield on the back.


  • At first, it was meant to replace Health Regeneration with a thing called 'Shield Strength'. This was later rejected.
  • Originally created by Transforming Eevee
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