The Defibrillator upgrades from the Navigator and the Staticizer at level 45, adding yet another tank to the massive Lancer branch. It may not further upgrade.


It is a rounded square with a white dot on the top, and a short Lancer spike with a small notch cut into it on the point.


  • It has a special ability: when two of them have their lances on a tank, the tank heals. This is due to its electric charge.
  • When put near a magnet, they will be attracted to the magnet. Luckily, hardly any tanks are magnetic.
  • If the spike goes into a magnet, the magnet will explode. The spike has a negative charge and the body has positive.
  • The tank still has the minimap ability of its predecessor.


  • I should stop making Navigator-type tanks, considering how long the Navigator's infobox is.
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