Deity Mode is a gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


In this gamemode, you are a god. You can create the perfect arena to battle in, discover what happens when bosses fight each other, and spawn AI tanks to test your arena. You can also invite other players over to have a fun time.


Deity Mode is essentially advanced Sandbox; you can use commands to control the terrain, spawn entities and make them fight. Commands are used in nearly every feature in this gamemode.

When you start a game of Deity Mode, you do not spawn as a tank. Instead, you can see the whole arena, and to edit what happens in the arena, you type commands in a bar at the top of the screen. The Bar can also be used for chat.

When someone enters a command, it will be shown in a box at the left of the screen.


Zathsu: <spawn-2-Archprophet>
Diepmon has joined the game.
Diepmon: Hi.
Zathsu: <Archprophet-fight-Archprophet>
Zathsu: Welcome, Diepmon.

List of Commands

All commands must be typed in <>.


Spawns a designated entity. When using the command, replace "entityname" with the name of the entity you want to spawn.

Entities include AI tanks, polygons, bosses and enemies. For example, <spawn-The Super-Speeder> would spawn The Super-Speeder.

In the case of AI tanks, they spawn as level 1, have different (random) names, classes and builds, and behave like normal tanks. If there are team bases present, they will spawn in different teams.


Same as above, only that this command is for mass summoning. Say, <spawn-200-AI tank> would spawn 200 AI tanks.


Does the exact opposite as spawn. Kills the designated entity.


Same as above, only that this is for mass murders and genocides.


Kills all entities and AI tanks.


Makes 2 designated Entities fight. E.g., <The Lag-fight-The Lag> will make 2 Lags fight each other, provided that there are already 2 Lags spawned.

The command can be extended. E.g., <Titanititan-fight-Defender-fight-Leader of the Fanboys-fight-Tank-Killer 1000> will start a 4-way battle between Titanititan, Defender, Leader of the Fanboys and Tank-Killer 1000.


For swarm battles. E.g., <200-Fanboys of Panzer-fight-500-Pinwheel> does... Well... You know.


Places a Maze wall on a designated spot.


Removes a Maze Wall from a designated spot.


Places a team base of a designated colour. E.g., <place-blue-base> will place a Blue base somewhere on the map. If more bases are placed, then they will equalize their distance between each other.


Removes the base of a team and all it's team members.


Places a Dominator in a designated spot. AI tanks will attempt to capture it for their team or themselves.


Removes a Dominator.


Removes everything.


Gives an entity God mode.


Removes all God modes.


Allows you to take control of an entity. When possessing an AI Tank, it becomes like normal gameplay. When possessing a boss, you take on the boss's properties, health and attacks. When a possessed entity dies you return to the default view.


Allows you to use a Boss's ability when possessing a boss. For example, using the command <use-Heavy Slam> while possessing Ghostlight Warrior would result in you using Heavy Slam.


Allows you to leave control of an entity.


Mutes an entity.


Unmutes an entity.

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