I see no good coming here.
—A Random Auto 5

The Deletos (singular and plural) is a special kind of Polygon. They look like regular Red Triangles, but they hide horrible secrets that almost no one likes.

Destruction Aftermaths

Notice: If you want to suggest more aftermaths, do so in my Message Wall first before adding it yourself. Any additions without my approval would be undone.

When destroyed, one of possible things below may happen, all with equal chances unless otherwise stated. Some aftermaths may only happen in certain game modes:

  • XP Split - The player receives -10000 XP and score points (more like decreasing, if means of depleting the player's XP below 0, it will, making the tank level 0 or below, with appropriate decrease in initial stats).
  • Transformation - Makes all Red Triangles in the server turn into large Crashers.
  • Red Curse - Spawns two Defenders somewhere in the map. Can spawn even if there's another Boss around, and will not stop the boss timer to spawn another boss.
  • Reverse Act - Destroys the player, while turning the Deletos into a regular Red Triangle.
  • Rebirth - The player will turn into a level 1 Tank again.
  • Nuke - Explodes. The explosion is much more destructive and larger than the Blaster's bullet explosion.
  • REVENGE - Spawns 10 AI Tanks of random classes near the player, all hostile towards it. If the player died, the AI tanks will act like regular Polygons, and will not attack other players or Fallen Bosses, even when hit. However, once the killed player respawns and returns, the AI tanks attack it again. If the player survive at the first try, another Deletos will spawn very near to the player.
  • Jumpscare - A picture of Illuminati replaces the game (without any sort of redirecting the player to another website), along with an irritating scream and scary noises. The player can still control the tank while happening, but the gameplay cannot be seen as it was being covered. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • It's Payback - Turns into Defender, and spawns two Guardians. Can happen even if there's another Boss around, and will not stop the boss timer to spawn another boss.
  • UNLUCKY Triangles - Spawns another three Deletos near the player.
  • Lockdown - Spawns five AI Evil Tri-Missileer near the player. All have the same build (0/5/0/7/7/7/7/0), and prioritizes the player that destroys the Deletos.
  • Destruction Be Nevermore - Turns into a level 45 AI Arena Closer, with the build 0/5/0/7/7/7/7/0.
  • You Killed A Foul Triangle - The server kicks the player.
  • Sorry, We're CLOSED. - The server closes. 0.001% chance to happen.
  • Red Poison - Damages the player overtime. Endless until the player's death.
  • Left Alone... - All the player's teammates in Tag will automatically be moved to the other team currently losing. Only happens in Tag.
  • Suicide Key - Pressing H kills the player instead of taking control of a Dominator. Unpreventable until player's death. Only happens in Domination.
  • Triangles Rule!!1!one - Turns all nearby Triangles and Crashers into AI Tri-Angle tanks, with all stats maximized (7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7), and having the size of level 45 tanks.
  • Paralysis - Prevents control of the player's tank. Last for 10 seconds.
  • Ghosts Beside Me - Makes all other players on opposite team/s invisible to the player. In FFA-based game modes, prevents the player to see other tanks. Bullets still can be seen. Last for a horrible amount of 2 minutes.
  • Deletos King - Transforms into a "Mega Defender" (Defender with 5 times the stats and weapons). 0.05% chance to happen. If the spawned Defender is killed, it splits into 10 more Deletos.
  • Switch Team - Switches the player's current team into the opposite team. Only happens in 2 Teams and Domination.
  • Lifegiving Bullets - Any other Triangles hit by the player's ammunitions become Large Crashers. Rare chance a Triangle might turn into either Guardian or Defender, and can happen even when there's other Boss on the server. For some reason, it lasts for half an hour.
  • Squares Not Allowed! - Converts all Squares (including Square-shaped tanks, drones and Bosses) into Crashers of different size. Square-shaped tanks become the Guardians (but kills the players controlling them, and they respawn on level 15), Summoner becomes the Defender.
  • Overpunishment - Spawns 5 Evil Overlords near the player. All have the same build (0/5/0/7/7/7/7/0), and prioritizes the player that destroyed the Deletos.
  • Black Hole - Creates a very strong gravitational field that lasts for almost a minute. Anything sucked will be destroyed no matter what they are.
  • IT'S OVER 9000!!! - Deals 9001 damage on the 50 nearest entities from the Deletos. 0.1% chance to happen, and may increase if destroying nearby Red Triangles/Defender.
  • Pushout Vortex - Pushes out most entities from the Deletos, no matter their distance, while firing an uncountable amount of bullets that fly pretty fast - faster than Arena Closer's bullets.
  • Can't Stump the Trump - Builds a (maze) wall around the player that kills the deletos. (By Fall Out Wave)
  • GET REKT - Summons an Evil TBOO. (By Fall Out Wave)
  • Pentagons Not Allowed! - Turns all Pentagons into Evil AI tanks. Alpha Pentagons becomes unclaimable Dominators. (By Fall Out Wave)
  • Clone Wars - Turns all Polygons into Deletos. (By Fall Out Wave)
  • Angry Triangles - Turns into 666 Crashers of varied sizes that prioritizes attacking the player. Also makes the player's build become 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0. (By A FANDOM User)
  • Circles Not Allowed! - Turns all bullets and by extension missiles into Crashers of different size, player tanks (except Necromancer, Factory and other non-circular tanks) into separate Guardians, and Fallen Bosses into Defenders. (By Anonymoususer12321)
    • the defenders' auto turrets must also turn into something... like another deletos? - AU12321
      • dunno? except turrets are part of the defender. btw, should smashers be turned as well? - Gelly
  • From Here to There - Teleports the player who destroyed the Deletos anywhere into a random area of the map, be it on the enemy team's base, inside a Dominator, or on the face of a Fallen Booster chasing some Necromancer. More chances to places of extreme danger, and no chances for safe places. (By HerroPeople)
  • Triangle Vengeance - Turns all normal Red Triangles into Mega Crashers (Crashers with XL size). (By Dashiellfred)
  • UNLUCKY Triangles 2.0 - Spawns another five Deletos around the map, with some being closer to the player. (By Dashiellfred)
  • Penta-GONE - Despawns all Pentagons, while turning Alpha Pentagons into more Deletos. Pentagons and Alpha Pentagons won't spawn for 2 minutes. (By Dashiellfred)
  • Taunt Relocation - Respawns the player in the other team, back at level 1. Only happens at game modes utilizing bases. (By Dashiellfred)
  • Total Trouble - Kills the player, and turns another nearest entity from the deletos into another deletos. If said entity is also another player or a Boss, it will be killed. Upon respawn of the player that destroyed the deletos, the new deletos will teleport to them, immediately causing another aftermath, while also having inverted controls for an hour. Has 0.666% to happen. (By Takenyyyy)
  • Yumminess - The player will turn into a giant Dorito and all other tanks will have a separate arrow leading to it. The Dorito's only attack is Feed. The tank that touches the bullets will gain 100 XP as this is a spam tank. The tank will take the damage amount of a level 15 fully upgraded Penetration and Damage Basic Tank. Rarity of 1% to happen. (By Kaznith)
  • Quadri-Virus - Spawns an "Infection Square", that looks like a simple Yellow Square, except invincible for five seconds. However, these squares rapidly multiply per second, and these squares aren't included in maximum number of Polygons allowed to spawn in the arena, having a separate count. Infection Squares do not despawn until the server closes or all of them were somehow destroyed at the same time. (By League Fighters)
  • Literal Landmines - Spawns 5 stationary Landmines "controlled" by AI (they belong to the same team with Polygons). These Landmines are already invisible at spawn, and have 10 points on each stat (10/10/10/10). Touching/ramming into either of these causes another Deletos to spawn right on the player's location, as well as despawning all of the Landmines. (By Takenyyyy)
  • Randomize - Causes the player to randomly have their tank class change every 5 seconds. Only normally playable ones can change into (no Dominators, Motherships or Arena Closers), though they can have a higher Tier class regardless of level (e.g. the player may end up with a level 25 Overseer or Streamliner). Builds reset even if the changed tank have the same stats. Lasts for 1 minute, having a total of 12 class randomization.
  • Curse of the Lost - Prevents the minimap from being seen. Lasts until the player's death or server closure.
  • Double-Double - Kills any existing Guardian in the server, and respawns them on the Deletos' area. If there isn't any, spawns a single Guardian. Once the deletos-spawn Guardians are killed, another set of Guardians with double the previous number spawns. The Guardians' drones deal the same damage of a level 1 tank's bullet damage, but doubles for every 10 seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes since the Deletos's destruction, and only has a chance of 0.0065536% to happen. (By Anonymoususer12321)
  • NEVA FALTA - Spawns a Harvester and 5 Evil Gunners on the Deletos' place, all prioritizing the player that destroyed the Deletos. The Gunners have random build.
  • Getting Away - All Polygons from a 50-tile grid distance starts drifting away from the player that destroyed the Deletos. The speed is noticeable faster. Polygons also won't spawn from that distance. Lasts for 12 minutes.
  • The Dev is here! - Spawns an extremely large AI Arena Closer with the name "Dev", and have a purple color instead of yellow for game modes other than 4 Teams or Tag, right on the player's spot. This Arena Closer acts more like the Dev (Zeach) himself, even though he doesn't control it. By acting, it simply faces directions without firing bullets. Getting killed by it through body damage will have the message tell "You look like ants.", instead of the usual "You were killed by [PLAYERNAME]" on the death screen. The Arena Closer lasts for 2 minutes. 0.001337% to happen.
  • Living Hell - Removes all weapons of the player's tank that destroyed the Deletos, being replaced by a single spawner. This spawner, however, spawns more Deletos at start and then every time the player respawns or another aftermath caused by another naturally-spawned Deletos concluded, though it won't spawn Deletos after any it has spawned has been destroyed (but not naturally-spawned). Persists between deaths and server changes, lasts for at least half an hour. 3% chance of happening. (By TheNecroNinja)
  • It's no use! Take this! - Pushes everything to the map borders while doing high damage (separate from body damage). If the player that destroyed the Deletos was killed, a sudden image of Silver the Hedgehog appears while saying the quote "It's no use!" very loudly. May occur 0.06% of time. (By Метал Соник 3.0)
  • U r a total nub - Spawns an Evil Necromancer, Battleship, Overlord and Manager all at level 45 with maximum points on all stats, and prioritize attacking the player. Reverts the player back to level 1, removing all skill points. (By Azureminergirl25)
  • Dual Personality - Puts the player on two teams at the same time. Both teams can damage the player by hitting a certain side of the tank. Also practically prevents the player from entering either base if present. Lasts for 10 minutes. Happens only in game modes with teams. (By Azureminergirl25)
  • Defeat Penalty - Won't do something noticeable at first, but when the player dies, they will respawn back to level 1 regardless of how.  XP gain rate is also halved. Lasts for one day, and persists through server changes. (By Azureminergirl25)
  • Free Seizure! - Causes the background to rapidly flash in different colors. Lasts for at least 30 seconds, or earlier if the player left, because the game shouldn't be blamed for such seizure... (By DashielFred)
  • Rage Time! - All player's build will temporarily revert to 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0, the message "[PLAYERNAME] did it!" will appear, and arrows will point towards the player who destroyed the Deletos. Crashers will also move towards the player regardless of whether the player is actually in the Pentagon Nest or not. Lasts for 30 minutes, and persists through server changes. (By DashielFred)
  • ??--[[/@#,, - UI will randomly appear and disappear for 20 minutes, and persists through deaths and server changes. Also, some objects may act like laggy, as if the player is playing at 1000 ms of latency or worse. Console command would also be disabled for the time being.
  • Sudden Blackout - The darkness would cover the player's FoV, and only that player who destroyed the Deletos is affected, having to move their cursor just to see in the dark (similar to Blackout. The tank would function in a normal gamemode (auto turrets can still fire to enemies unseen from the player), but because there are no Glowing Polygons to help the player, it's up to them how to suffer for 2 minutes.
  • The Snap - Causes every player to have a 50% chance of instantly dying, with the killer being the Deletos. (By Khang2009)
  • No Hit Challenge - Makes the player's maximum health set into 1. Lasts for one minute. 0.04% chance rate. (By Khang2009)
  • One-Action Rule - Prevents the player from simultaneously moving and shooting at the same time. As such, the player must not be firing any weapon (or controlling drones) in order to move, and vice versa. Lasts for 8 minutes.
  • - Turns into 4(rr±pt`(n, and a message "The world is about to be destroyed and horrors begin rising...". Game modes with win conditions will not work as long as it is alive. If the glitchy boss was still alive after 20 minutes, all players will be forcibly kicked out of the server (and closes it), but instead of returning to the title menu, an apparition of a blood-covered Fallen Overlord on a black background appears instead, as some eerie music plays. Requires reloading the page to return to normal state. Has 0.000001% of happening, because reasons.


  • Most destructive Polygon ever.
  • Some of the aftermaths are inspired/referencing some of popular media culture or tropes.
    • "You Killed A Foul Triangle" is inspired by a game mechanic in hostage rescue gameplay of Counter Strike series, on which killing certain amount of hostages might kick the player from the game.
    • "UNLUCKY Triangles" is inspired by one of possible events from the Minecraft mod "Lucky Blocks".
    • "Jumpscare" is a common reference to horror games, wherein sudden appearances of scary characters appear on an almost screen-sized ratio to scare players.
    • "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!" is a meme based on wrongly translated quote of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
    • "Triangles Rule!!1!one" is a reference to a common typo done by computer users when repeated typing ! while accidentally slipping their hands off the Shift key.
    • "Curse of the Lost" is based off a mechanic of the same name in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, where the minimap is hidden for the current floor.
    • "GET REKT" is a slang term of the phrase "Get wrecked".
    • "Can't Stump the Trump" is a reference to Trump's long-term plan of building a large wall bordering from Mexico to prevent illegal trespassers.
    • "It's no use! Take this!" is a quote from the mentioned SEGA character that eventually got affected into meme mutation.
    • "??--[[/@#,," refers to the usage of interface screwing in video games, where HUD (Heads Up Display) will not properly as intended by the developers, either by being hidden, displaying wrong information, being obscured or just not functioning correctly, often for the purpose of hindering the player.
    • "The Snap" refers to the iconic scene from Avengers: Infinity War, where half of the universal population has been erased by existence after the villain Thanos snapped with the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • "The Dev is here!" is based off some Developer tank sightings in the game. At one time, Zeach himself posted on reddit with the title "You look like ants", with an image of him playing as an extremely large Arena Closer, with everything else matching his descriptions: they look like ants.
  • It has a very low health, only having 0.1.
  • It is unknown if the 4(rr±pt`(n spawned by the "" aftermath was the one responsible for causing the force kick and disturbance imagery. Somehow this doesn't happen when the glitchy boss was spawned through "legitimate" methods.
    • Also, ".EXE" stands for "Executable File" format in terms of technology, but is being run on a Web Browser by typing the game's URL.
      • The addition of .EXE as suffix to famous or popular culture often relates to it turning into creepypasta.
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