The Dematerializer is a special tank currently only available in Sandbox. It fires dematerialization Bullets known as Anti-Matter, which is deadly to any entity hit by it.


The Dematerializer features a circular body and a dematerialization gun. The gun looks like a Sniper cannons with two lines (aka "dividing the cannon into three thin cannons") and a rectangular opening for the mouth of the gun.


The Dematerializer fires dematerialization bullets known as anti-matter. These bullets, when hitting any tanks, causes the victim to flash red 4 times, even with a single hit. Hitting the tank multiple times only does minimal damage, but doesn't affect the flashing effect. After that, the tank explodes, and rewards the Dematerializer with XP points based on the level of the destroyed tank. However, if the tank has been killed while flashing, the XP would not be given to the Dematerializer, but instead to the one who destroyed the tank before the explosion, and the tank would not explode. If the Dematerializer dies while the victim is flashing, it would still explode like normal after the flashes, but the XP would not be awarded, even if the player that previously plays as the killed Dematerializer respawns.

Note that Dematerializer can also do this to other Dematerializers, therefore all Dematerializers can die from each other. However, anti-matter bullets don't work on Boss Tanks, Dominators, Motherships, and Arena Closers.


Like all Dominator variants, the Dematerializer's stats can't be upgraded with stat points.

  • It has less Bullet Damage than Twin.
  • It has slightly less Reload than a Destroyer with 2 points invested on it.
  • It has pretty decent Movement Speed.
  • Its bullets can penetrate throughout any Polygons, but easily destroyed when hitting other players.


Currently, it was not featured in any game mode other than Sandbox (by pressing \).


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low Reload, slow tanks
  • Weak Against: Arena Closers, Motherships, Dominators, Bosses


  • It is the only tank, along with the Arena Closer and Mothership, to be exclusive to Sandbox.
  • It is inspired by the "Dematerializer" weapon from the flash games "Gun Mayhem" and "Gun Mayhem 2".
    • Also, in terms of science fiction, to 'dematerialize' is to 'disappear or cease to be physically present through some imagined technological process'.
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