The Designer is a Tier 3 Tank and is one of the six upgrades that branches off of the Sniper. It can be selected once the player reaches Level 30 and can upgrade into the Ultra Designer, Supply Station, Auto Designer, Converter and Necromancer at level 45


The Designer features the standard circular cyan base and a rectangular "Projector" with semi-round edges. The design, however, doesn't affect the general gameplay


A tank that "shoots" Polygons! It's purposely made for cooperative usage as a support class, in servers like Team DTM, where the tank place some polygons and the teammates can destroy them to gain faster xp. It can also be used as a rushed and improvised barrier builder since the high HP polygons are expensive and will drain much faster your score points but at least will worth "purchasing" them.

The polygons have 2x more body damage, health, darker color (still darker color in team modes, but with the team's color) and give 1.5x more xp to any tank whose destroy it than their normal countparts, but in team modes, they act just like normal polygons except the xp value remain multiplied when a teammate destroy it.To place them however, you need to use your score and each one have its cost:

Polygons also have 2secs of invulnerability to any physical damage and can't damage other polygons made by the tank or the team.Crashers acts just like drones, but only AI controlled and 2x faster and stronger than the originals


  • Strong against: Very slow or careless tanks
  • Weak against: Nearly every other class that has great bullet speed and penetration to surpass its polygon shield

As the Designer

  • Don't ever try to chase down someone, even with 1 HP left, you never know what can come to back up it
  • As mentioned before, Designers are more like support tanks so stay with your team as much as possible to give them at least little protection and easy XP source
  • A tip to gain score points without suffering from farming with only your Projector and polygons is to stay as Tank or upgrade to Sniper and start to level up. Once you reach Level 30, don't upgrade yet and keep farming until you think it's good enough. It's highly suggested to go straight into Designer's family tree members as it's a shortcut to obtain more powerful and self-defensive tanks (E.g.: Converter and Auto Designer)

Against the Designer

  • Every other class excluding Trapper's family and Designer's family can with no problem take one Designer down just with itself but be careful of sudden polygon launches as all its polygons deal 2x more damage, meaning a pentagon can easily kill tanks with lower HP


  • Sketching stuff — Upgrade to Designer
Sketching stuff
Upgrade to Designer
  • Skecth Master — Upgrade to Designer 100 times
Sketch Master
Upgrade to Designer 100 times


  • First ever tank created by Enderluckjar :D
  • It's the first tank to entirely use polygons (Necromancer use and at the same time don't use polygons)
  • It's also the first tank to be entirely made for teaming (Trappers can defend and attack at their own with no problems at all)
  • Designer's "Bullet Speed" stat. is actually called "Polygon Placement Distance" in-game
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