The Discharger is a tank that upgrades from the Navigator at level 45. It does not further upgrade.


It is a rounded square that has a dark green dot on the top. When close to an enemy, the dark green dot will become somewhat darker. There is also a Navigator spike on the front with a trapezoidal base.


  • It is constantly radiating a negative energy. When within a 70 tile radius of an enemy, the energy will start taking health from enemies. It still has the Lancer branch's signature charging ability.
    • The energy is nuclear radiation.
    • I forgot to mention this:
      • When it touches a Bullet with its spike, it will radiate stronger energy.

Upon upgrading

  • Bullet Penetration will be renamed to Radiation Power.
  • Not much else will change, apart from the things mentioned above.


This is the second tank that I have made for the Navigator branch.

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