The Discharger is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Charger and Minigun at Level 45. It may not upgrade further.


The Discharger has a trapezoidal cannon like the Charger, with the cannon being sandwiched by two stacked cannons like the Minigun. The shortest cannon has an increased width at its front end, with the longest having a decreased width.


Upon upgrading from the Charger, the tank's bullet capacity is near-tripled with the number of cannons, to a cap of 21 bullets. However, this comes at a cost of further reduced Reload, and Bullet Health/Damage. The shortest and longest cannons have decreased and increased Accuracy respectively, and longer cannons produce smaller bullets.


  • Strong Against:
  • Weak Against:

As the Discharger

Against the Discharger


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