The Divider is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Trapper. It has a unique type of Trap that extends its spikes when it stops, anchoring it in the "ground" of the battlefield. This gives it powerful methods to arena control that other tanks could only dream of. It has TERRIBLE reload and improved bullet penetration compared to the Trapper.


The Divider is a tank with a circular body. It also has a barrel/launcher made of two trapezoids, the first one facing outwards and the other facing inwards. There are quite a few beams running across the tank's barrel as well. Unlike Mr. Rocket, it has no horizontal beams at all. The unique traps are circles with triangles on them, which extend. The cords connecting the spikes and the circle are made of small traps that are darker in coloration, and are smaller than normal traps. The only way to get rid of this is by shooting the circle or the spikes, not the cord.


The Divider has unique traps that launch their spikes 30 tiles away from the center in Euclidean distance. The spiked cord deals normal damage, but getting impaled by the launched spikes deals double damage. The reload is much worse, but the bullet stats are better. Here are the base stats:

The class is optimized for as much area denial as possible. The traps launch their spikes at a fixed rate of 7.5 tiles/second, and said traps take 10 seconds to launch the spikes. The traps and the spikes do not slow down the way bullets do, and the traps last 20 seconds after the spikes hit 30 tiles. This class' traps have a property of being immune to knockback after the traps are stuck in the ground.


Strong against:

Bad against:

As the Divider

Spam traps to your heart's content: This tank is the king of area denial. Unfortunately, Mr. Rocket can fire rockets to shatter your traps, the Destroyer branch is the king of the bullet penetration stat, and fast-firing tanks can destroy your traps quickly. However, all is good, since drone tanks are crippled by area control, other Trappers can't do a thing once they are cornered by your traps, Boosters end up ramming into the spiky walls and exploding, and distracted opponents won't notice until you've surrounded them. This tank in particular is powerful in Domination, thanks to his ridiculous area denial abilities. Remember, you are the REAL trapper god as the Divider.

Against the Divider

Try to shoot the circle that the spikes launch them selves from. Also stay away from inactive traps -- they could launch the spikes at any moment. If you are Mr. Rocket or a Destroyer, you could easily get rid of his traps by shooting them with a rocket or cannonball. High DPS tanks (read: Machine Gun branch and whatnot) can take out them at a faster rate than the Divider can dish out. Whatever you do, make sure you are looking for their attacks. If you are not on guard, you could find yourself surrounded by terrifying walls of spikes. Forget it if you are a Smasher/Spike/Paladin/Auto Smasher/Landmine, since you can't escape by ramming the circle thing because the circle is protected against body damage by a bunch of spikes. If you are playing Domination, keep him away from your Dominators or from the Pentagon Nest, since he has by far the best area denial game out of the tanks that exist.


Your Tank Is In Another Caltrop -- Play as Divider for the first time. Pacman Is Best At Smash 4 -- Destroy 100 Alpha Pentagons as Divider.


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