Dodragon has always been a violent commander-in-chief, who has won Dodecantar many battles and wars (by that, meaning minor skirmishes and disagreements among the Polygons, but also inclusive of repeated invasions by the Hesperians.) Dodragon never seems to rest, training constantly with seemingly unlimited stamina and unnatural bravery. He is a force to be reckoned with, for even Perpendiculus respects his immense power (but the Hesperians don't seem to share the same feeling.) Despite his bravery, Dodragon knows when the odds are stacked against him, and he will issue orders to retreat and plan a stealthy ambush if possible afterwards on the invading adversary.


Dodragon is a rogue Gladiator Boss that has 2 phases, and is notoriously skilled at dark magic. As Dodecantar's subordinate (and the closest parallel to a Paramarch that Dodecantar possesses,) Dodragon has a habit of breathing fire on random people (and sometimes Polygons) for no reason except that they are not his allies. He also has visible eyes, unlike the Disciples. Dodragon is always immune to fire and fire-based attacks. Not much else is known about him. The Disciples, bar Ennealis, Decratite, and his master, dislike Dodragon for his ruthlessness,militaristic behabvior, and Dodecantar's light-handed approach at controlling him. However, Ennealis approves of Dodragon's prowess as a parallel to her Phages, while Decratite hasn't really expressed an opinion in favor of or against Dodragon and Dodecantar. Although Dodragon is a polygon, he is fought as a Gladiator Boss.


Dodragon is a black dodecagon with red dodecagonal eyes. He has two hands, and also has a fiery bow capable of mass destruction. He can also breathe fire, and is capable of controlling fire as if it were a part of him. He's faster than the Disciples. He even uses regular dark magic to weaken tough opponents, though not often.

The Fight

Despite being a Gladiator Boss, he is fought just like a Disciple. He is immune to Burning and is resistant to Waterflame.

Phase 1

Dodragon swoops down to the center of the current Arena server, once his spawn requirements are fulfilled (TBD). When he does so, Phase 1 begins. The goal is to destroy his hands. Once that happens, Phase 2 begins.

Dodragon only does this attack once. This will always be his first attack.

  • Drought: Dodragon channels fire into any water puddles, evaporating them quickly.

  • Archery: He fires one fiery arrow, inflicting the Debuff Burning for 10 seconds to all that are in the way. This inflicts medium-high damage. This is always his second attack.
  • Fireball: He fires three fireballs, all of which hit the floor and explode. Anyone within the explosions gains Burning for 5 seconds. This inflicts medium damage.
  • Burning Breath: He will breathe fire for 15 seconds, dealing weak damage PER SHOT. This attack covers 20 degrees, and will not turn. This also inflicts burning for 5 seconds on contact.
  • Winged Fury: He will sprout fiery wings and fly into the sky. He later swoops down on a single tank, grabbing the tank in his hands. He later drops said tank somewhere else in the arena, inflicting Broken and Slowed for 10 seconds. This attack is always his 10th attack, and he will not use it up to that point.
  • Meteorite: Dodragon launches a fireball into the air, causing several smaller fireballs to fall. These fireballs do not explode, but inflict Burning for 10 seconds on contact.

Phase 2

Once you "destroy" Dodragon's hands, he will set his hands on fire, causing them to absorb bullets easily by burning them to ashes. He will also use fire as extra hands, now that his hands are broken. The goal is now to destroy his head.

  • Burning Dragon: Dodragon will launch a fireball. Said fireball creates an Ouroboros (a symbol of a snake that's biting its own tail in a circular formation)that expands outwards, until the tanks are trapped against the walls of the arena. Dodragon then turns the Ouroboros into a circle made of 90 MASSIVE traps that circle him like satellites orbiting a planet. There are 3 orbits that contain an equal amount of traps each. The traps vanish after 60 seconds. The traps and the Ouroboros deal high-level damage each.
  • Reckless Flight: Dodragon will fly straight into a random wall in the arena, shattering the wall into a lot of debris. Said debris deals low-level damage. This attack reveals another arena, and Dodragon will start causing the ceiling above the old arena to collapse in 15 seconds. Getting hit by the collapsing ceiling is instant death for tanks and polygons. (Dodragon is immune to getting killed by the ceiling.) Any Delta Dodecagons he has lying around will flee the old arena. He only does this every 5 attacks. This leaves Dodragon with Broken for 60 seconds.
  • Blind Rage: He will immediately fly upwards and slam down in the center, causing the floor hit to collapse and fill up with lava. He then starts firing fireballs randomly, before ramming a wall again and this time revealing a wide passageway to another arena. He then sets fire to the old arena, inflicting Burning for 60 seconds. This occurs every other Reckless Flight. The lava and the slam are both insta-kill.

Death Animation

Upon reaching 0 HP, Dodragon will state, "You have not seen the last of me!" He will then jump into the air, disappearing into the sky above.


  • This is my first idea for a boss for EToD.
  • This was ORIGINALLY a Disciple, but I changed it at Fall Out Wave's request.
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