Dominator Defense is a gamemode that was made exactly at 2:53 PM, 7/13/2019. The objective of winning was to take all of the Dominators. There are 4 teams, each with a fortress, and in the middle of it, is a Dominator controlled by the first member to join on that team. You can take over, via pressing H to request the player controlling the Dominator to let you control it or control it with them. If they accept, you can control it with them or have yourself control. Controlling it with them would be better, because then the dominator would have double the health and two cannons, one that the first player can control, and one that the second player can control. If it is a Trapper Dominator, the two sides will shoot in different directions, unless the two players in control of the Dominator spin both barrels to make the cannons be symmetrical.

Dominator Defense update logs

3:00 PM, 7/13/2019: Dominator Defense launched!

6:00 AM, 7/14/2019: Fixed bug where Necromancers could not go into the core of the fortress if two players were controlling a Destroyer Dominator

7:15 PM, 7/16/2019: Bugfix.

Special Tanks added

Fortress Rooms

  • Core
  • Spawn Room
  • Turret Control Room
  • Team Saferoom
  • Shape Farm
  • (Secret) Healing Saferoom
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