The darkness of doom

Steadily shall loom

As boom boom boom

Pound the drums of doom

While the tanks go to their tomb

And diep meets its doom.


The Archprophet has always had big, big dreams. War Machine, War Machine II, you name it. But even those awe-inspiring weapons of doom were not enough for the ever-amibitious Prophet. Again and again he prodded Dr. Lacus to create the biggest, baddest, and most potent yet. And at long last, the Doctor finally managed to create something that satiated the Prophet (for the time being). It was aptly named the Doom of Diep. More of a glass cannon that anything, its unusually low health paired with its sentience, an anomaly of being self-aware for a machine, makes it a much harder thing to fight. It may replace the War Machine II in Mad Science, at the same rate as the War Machine III does.

Spawn Conditions

As stated above, it may replace the War Machine II in Mad Science, at the same rate as the War Machine III does. If so, the room in which it is battled is way larger and has no obstructions or chemical pools.



The Doom of Diep in action...

The Doom is a massive circle, crowded with potent weaponry. Four supports run from the "nucleus" of the Doom to connect it to a massive inner ring, also crammed with weapons, which is connected by four more supports to a tremendous outer ring, containing the still more weapons. To get an idea of the total firepower it commands, consider this:

  • Total Bullets per Every Gun Shooting = 85
  • Total Traps per Every Launcher Firing = 6
  • Total Drones = ~ 200

The Nucleus

The Nucleus is the core of the tank and has 20,000 Health Points. As such, it does not have a whole lot of normal weapons, but instead is the source of the special attacks (see Attacks section). It contains the following weapons:

  • Twelve Octo Tank-style cannons, which make up the edge of the Nucleus. Each is equivalent to a maxed Basic tank cannon.
  • Four Ranger-like Auto Turrets, which take up all but the center of the Nucleus. Each is equivalent to a maxed Ranger.
  • One mortar, which fires powerful bullets (60 damage each) into the air and back down to the ground. While in the air, the bullets are invisible. The mortar also has a long range and is the very center of the Nucleus.

The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring is still a bit distant from the main action. Because of this, it is home to a number of ranged threats, as well as 30,000 Health Points.

  • Eight twin Auto Turrets, placed equal distances apart from each other. Each Turret is essentially equivalent to a maxed Gunner Trapper.
  • Eight single Auto Turrets, placed equal distances apart from each other. Each Turret is equal to a comparable one on an Auto Gunner or Gunner Trapper.
  • Eight standard Drone Spawners, placed equal distances from each other. Each pair of two, with total reload twice that of an Overlord, replenishes a fleet of twelve maxed-equivalent Drones.
  • Four Minion Spawners, placed equal distances from each other. Each one replenishes a fleet of eight Minions. The Spawners have twice the reload of a Factory while the Minions are equivalent to a maxed normal Minion.

The Outer Ring

The Outer Ring has an immense number of weapons and 40,000 Health Points + 20 Body Damage. The Outer Ring can also rotate when necessary.

  • Two triple Mega Trap launchers. Each is equal to three maxed Mega Trappers.
  • Two quadruple Battleship Drone Spawners, with maxed stats.
  • Two Penta Shot guns, with maxed stats.
  • Two Annihilator cannons, with maxed stats.
  • Two temporarily-detachable Spikes, with 10/10/10/10 equivalent while attacking. While not attacking, health is as much as the entire Outer Ring.
  • Two Sprayer cannons, with maxed stats.
  • Two twin Streamliner cannons, with maxed stats. Essentially a Twin, but with the normal cannons replaced with Streamliners.
  • Two Splitter cannons, with maxed stats.
  • Two Triplet cannons, with maxed stats.


The Doom doesn't just use conventional weapons. It also has a large number of devastating special attacks.

General Attacks

The Doom can activate each of these three times.

  • Speed Ram. For twenty seconds, Movement Speed and Body Damage double and the Doom rams players.
  • Teleport. The Doom teleports to any place on the map that it wishes.
  • Corrupt. The Doom makes a tank join its side.
  • Crasher Rush. All Crashers on the map join 500 new ones and attack tanks.
  • Lethargy. For one minute, all tanks on the map are twice as slow.
  • Health Hurt. All players lose half of their remaining health.
  • Hostile. All bullets, traps, missiles, and drones that players make can damage their teammates and even themselves for 20 seconds. This applies to ramming as well.
  • Ricochet. For twenty seconds, all bullets traps, missiles, and drones launched at the Doom ricochet and damage players.
  • Vanish. The Doom teleports to an unoccupied place on the map and turns invisible. This lasts until 1,000 damage is dealt it, after which it will reappear.
  • Reduce. The FoV of all players is reduced by 50% for five minutes.
  • Uncoordinated. For twenty seconds, all players lose control of where they fire/send their drones.
  • Beam. Produces a single beam with infinite penetration that has a very high speed and does a few damage points a second. Lasts five minutes.
  • Speed 'o Light. All of the Doom's Bullets/Drones/Traps have twice as much speed for two minutes.
  • Can't Stop This. All the Doom's Bullets/Drones/Traps have twice as much health/penetration for two minutes.
  • Ouch. All the Doom's Bullets have twice as much damage for two minutes.
  • It's Back Again. All the Doom's Cannons/Spawners/Launchers have twice as much Reload for two minutes.
  • Unsheathe. A giant arm appears on each side of the Doom. One holds a sword, the other holds a shield. The arms last for ten minutes and while they are up, the Doom can launch the following attacks (as many times as it wishes):
    • Slash. The sword moves with Booster-like speed across the screen, attacking nearby opponents. Each hit does a whopping 100 damage.
    • Jab. The sword grows twice as long as it darts across the screen towards one player, doing 80 damage.
    • Floodgates. The shield's projecting square center releases two hundred Square Drones.
    • Punch. The shield's projecting square center releases a tight formation of fifty Square Drones even as the shield extends toward the target.
    • Slam. The shield swings slowly towards nearby foes, doing 120 damage to all who touch it.
    • Block. The shield or sword absorb things meant for the Doom.
    • Attraction. All tanks within a certain distance of the sword are drawn there by unstoppable force until they touch the blade once, receiving 60 damage. Then they may escape, if they can....
    • Boomerang. The Doom releases the sword and it flies around the screen for ten seconds, doing 60 damage a hit.
  • Blood Rage. The screen goes completely red for all players for thirty seconds as the Doom rampages.
  • Reverse. All enemy Barrels/Launchers fire the opposite way they normally do. Drones go the opposite direction they're supposed to go. Lasts for one minute.
  • Expulso. Every bullet, trap, drone, etc. that the Doom makes explodes upon contact with a tank, doing extra damage and releasing small fragments. Lasts for two minutes.

Phase Attacks

As the Doom loses health, it unleashes special attacks.

  • At 75,000 Health Points, the Doom makes all Polygons near itself be able to move some and hit players. In addition, their Body Damage is doubled. This lasts for the rest of the game.
  • At 60,000 Health Points, the Doom slows all Health Regen in its presence by 50%. This lasts for the rest of the game.
  • At 45,000 Health Points, the Doom makes Crashers spawn five times as often and have increased speed, health, and damage. This lasts for the rest of the game.
  • At 30,000 Health Points, the Doom begins spawning normal bosses, one every five minutes. This lasts for the rest of the game.
  • At 15,000 Health Points, the Doom spawns four player-controlled tanks which do damage to everything but the Doom and themselves. They can change tank type at will and are automatically Level 45. They last till they are killed, which awards 0 XP.
  • At 10,000 Health Points, all of the Doom's attacks are improved by 50%. This lasts for the rest of the game.
  • At 5,000 Health Points, the Doom reduces the health of 10 random tanks to 1% it's normal value.
  • At 1,000 Health Points, the Doom spawns Protectors, which attack nearby tanks. These Protectors are somewhat inferior to normal Base Protectors.
  • At 1 Health Point, the Doom vanishes to fight again another day.


Feel free to add your own to these sections. Also, many thanks to Zathsu for adding tons of 'em. ;)

During Spawning

  • The future is uncertain but the end is always near. Actually, it is HERE!
  • I've waited a long time for this....
  • You have no idea just how significant this is.
  • If only tanks knew how to work together. Then they could stand a chance. Oh well. It is time for the end of the Tanks.
  • Hello. My name is the Doom of Diep. You have mildly angered me. Prepare to die.
  • I'm called the DOOM for a reason. Maybe tanks will actually take heed of that.
  • I have dozens of ways to kill you. You have zero ways to kill me.
  • Circles are infinite. I am three circles. Therefore, I am three times infinite!
  • Your doom is inescapable... Do not resist it.
  • Don't even try to kill infinity...
  • The earth will quake, the sky will shake, and your minds and souls shall break!
  • It is my destiny and purpose to end everything you know. You don't stand a chance.
  • I'm not just doom. I'm certain doom! A very certain specific doom. Endless doom!
  • Did somebody say "BOOM BOOM BOOM, GO THE DRUMS OF DOOM"!?
  • I was birthed from the future's bleakness only to make it not exist!
  • Alas, fools! You will be the only witnesses of the destruction of a world!
  • The bell tolled. My chains undone. Destroying this world will be a cakewalk. Wait... that didn't rhyme...

During the Battle

  • Everything makes room for DOOM.
  • You're shooting me? 3, 2, 1, you're dead.
  • OH NO. You've taken 10,000 of my health. I only have a mere 80,000 left. *How scary.*
  • One day, mortals will understand what a god truly is. And on that day, they will give up. Just let that day be today, and I promise! Your deaths will be swift...
  • Hello. My name is the Doom of Diep. You have ruined my day. Prepare to die.
  • I've killed millions of tanks. You were no different.
  • Take that.
  • If I was in your filthy Tier system, I'd be Level ∞.
  • There is no tank, there is only Doom.
  • Operation Kill Even More Tanks is commencing.
  • The end is nigh!
  • I am the most beautiful apocalypse this world will ever see.
  • I'm not losing health, you're just not able to comprehend whats really happening!
  • You must have the agility of the wind to dodge my onslaught!
  • And within the blink of the eye, blackness is your final fate.

During its Death

  • How dare you filthy mortals steal my health!
  • I can still kill one more tank... Or two... Or three...
  • This battle is not over.... Not by a long shot...
  • Hello. My name is the Doom of Diep. You have enraged me. Prepare to die.
  • This is frustrating. But you'll be more frustrated when I return.
  • I think I'll kill one more tank...
  • You just made the second greatest mistake possible! The first is to never get in a land war in Asia. But the second is to never battle the Doom of Diep when death is on the line!
  • Inconceivable!
  • Vengeance shall be sweet...
  • Flaming skies and fallowed earth, misty clouds and mounded dirt, it all will end you will soon see, for you have not gotten the best of me!
  • You test the patience of a god! I am certain to return and now you have done nothing but anger and vow my vengeance further!
  • Not only will I return, I will double doom this world over when I do!


Killing the Doom does not give any rewards, beyond the satisfaction that you killed an incredibly dangerous boss.


  • As with the Storm of Drones, the Factory spawners used here are those of the Factory.
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