The Double-Blader is a Tier 3 tank. It can further upgraded into Fire Vampire or the Fire Contracter. Idea by Everfarther.


The Double-Blader has a Double-Bladed Lance on the front.


When attacking,the Double-Blader deals the same damage as the Burner.However, when an ally touches the lance, the Double-Blader gradually heals the ally tank! The healing affect is the same as the healing speed of Smasher with 10 / 10 / 0 / 0 build. The unique healing ability makes long-time battle without hiding in a silent place to regenerate possible.



As a Double-Blader, you should always learn to protect yourself cause the enemy may try to kill you first. Keep an eye on your ally's HP and heal them.


Remember! Always try to kill the Enemy team's Double-Blader first. If unable, try to separate the Double-Blader with other enemy tanks.Use a tank of the Overseer-Branch and chase the Double-Blader, so it will not have any time to heal other enemy tanks.


  • The Double-Blader is the first tank with healing ability Everfarther created.
  • Tanks with healing ability cannot be healed. This prevents the bug of two or more Double-Bladers healing each other.
  • While burning the enemies: See Burner.
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