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Doublecross is an AI-controlled boss that is similar to the behavior of the Guardian and Fallen Overlord. It has a 25% chance to spawn after a Summoner has died. It has a similar colour to the Summoner and Arena Closers.


The design of Doublecross features a square body split up into quarters, which each quarter of the boss features 2 Spawners which spawn Necromancer Drones, similar to the Summoner.



Doublecross' drone speed is slightly higher than the Necromancer's, like the Summoner. Alike the Summoner and the Necromancer, the drones are square shaped. The Drones of Doublecross spawn at a rate of 500 per minute, which can very easily overwhelm a player and his hopes and dreams of getting 120,000 experience. Each drone has 100 HP, which is the same firepower as the Summoner's.


Doublecross has a health pool of 12,000, exactly 4 times as much health as the Guardian, Fallen Overlord and the Summoner. Thing is, it regenerates really slowly, but it will regenerate all of its health if it isn't harmed for over 60 seconds.


When a player reaches Doublecross' health to 0, the player will be granted 120,000 EXP. This raises a player instantly to level 45, which can then upgrade to different tanks, if they've not reached that level already.

Just like the Guardian, Protectors won't be targeted unless if it hits the boss.


  • Strong against: Tanks with low bullet damage or bullet penetration, ramming tanks, focus-fire tank types, basically the majority of tanks.
  • Weak against: Tanks with high bullet damage or penetration, Overseer class branches, bullet spammers and maybe octo tanks.

Second Phase

When Doublecross has been killed, it will split into 4 Summoners with 2 Drone Spawners, and which each of them have 1,500 HP and drop 15,000 EXP when killed.


  • I thought of this in 15 seconds and also thought "Hey, the Summoner is a thing, let's just kick that up 4 notches."
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