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The Dove is a tier three tank that upgrades from the Hummingbird at level 30. It can upgrade into the Falcon and Booster at level 45.


The Dove, like all others in its class, has weak cannons compared to other tanks. The Dove fires its front and back cannons at the same time. However, the back cannon has significantly more recoil than the front cannon. The two cannons on each side that resemble wings flap back and forth, firing after every cycle when they point backwards. The wing cannons have little recoil, but the motion of the cannons generates thrust, moving the Dove forward. Increasing reload reduces the time that it takes for a cycle to be completed, thus making the Dove move faster. If holding shift while firing, the Dove can glide long distances while flapping its wing cannons back and forth, slowly increasing speed. Once the Dove reaches maximum speed, the ability will last 8 seconds. During this ability, the Dove deals 1.2 times more Damage to anything it hit with its body. It takes 16 seconds to recharge this ability.


The Dove has a circular body with a cannon on the front and multiple cannons on the back, somewhat resembling a variation of the Tri-Angle. It is intended to look like it has wings. The two cannons on each side flap back and forth, resembling a bird’s wings in flight. Seen below is a Dove with its wings back.