The Dragunov is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Assassin, Overseer, and Gunner at Level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. Idea for Arras by Briskmetal007.


The Dragunov features a blue circular body with a Spawner and regular Cannon on its back. The main attacking barrel is a gunner Cannon connected to a thin, gray trapezoid.


This class features three different types of ammunition. Firstly, the front cannon shoots Gunner bullets. This may be seen as useless considering the fact this class has very low reload. However, this bullet is actually extremely strong (think about Destroyer bullets) and can be shot really fast. Secondly, it can spawn drones, but only a maximum of 4. Lastly, the back barrel. It's nothing special, as it only provides minor protection and recoil.

  • Field of View (FoV) has already been increased, cue the upgrade from Assassin.
  • Bullet Speed and Damage is increased.
  • Reload is harshly decreased.


  • Obviously, it's a reference to the sniper rifle, Dragunov.
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