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The Drill is a tank that upgrades from the Extender at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


This tank has a circular body with a lance on it, except the lance is longer and has diagonal lines running from the bottom-left to top-right on it to give the main image of a drill.


This tank loses the Extender's shield ability, but it now has an ability to drill underneath the map, but it's not totally invisible. The Drill leaves a trail behind, which is represented by a fairly visible line of your team color. Right-clicking allows you to burrow underground, leaving the trail mentioned above, and you are immune to all bullets and drones. However, traps do 2x damage to you. Right-clicking again makes you pop up again, and the trail ends (it disappears after 10 seconds anyway.) You can still be attacked by Base Protectors while underground, while moving underground is 2x slower. Charging is still left-click.

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