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Cool, calm, and calculated, Dronavin, although not as powerful as some of the other Elementals, is a fearsome opponent. His every move is carefully weighed to cause the most destruction at the least expense. He never hesitates but neither does he make rash decisions. Because of this, Dronavin is by far the most respected of the three youngest Elementals and is frequently consulted by his elders. This, of course, makes Bulletron jealous of Dronavin, but, then again, Bulletron is jealous of everyone.


Dronavin is the second-born of the weapon Elementals. Always confident but never boastful, Dronavin is well liked by just about all the Elementals. Even Trapasitis gets along with Dronavin. Probably the only exception is Bulletron who dislikes Dronavin. A major reason for this is the fact that Caelis frequently commissions Dronavin and, in fact, regards Dronavin as the most responsible and efficient of the younger Elementals, a point which is almost certainly true.

Regardless of what the Elementals think, tanks fear Dronavin. True, unlike some of his counterparts, Dronavin will not mercilessly seek out particular foes. Instead, Dronavin will briskly conquer the field of battle, destroying all in his path with chilling ease. His skilled ruthlessness is only matched (and possibly exceeded) by Territe.




One of Dronavin's two Spawners. Beware the numerous Drones that come out of them.

Dronavin's body is a large downward-pointing light purple triangle, emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt as a symbol of his subservience to Caelis. His legs are a single dark purple upwards-facing triangle. On either side of his body he has a bright purple arm, on which is mounted a Spawner. Finally, his battle helm is an upward-facing light purple triangle, which is adorned by various purple gems.


Dronavin is fairly tough, with a solid 140,000 Health points for his body and 16,000 for each of his arms. All together, he has 172,000 Health, a very respectable total. Unlike some of his brethren, he has a very significant resistance to damage (20%), which totally outclasses, say, Trapasitis. Unlike Trapasitis, however, he lacks the trap function. True, his Drones make up for it in part, but not quite.

Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless Dronavin is left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

Dronavin carries two identical Spawners, one with each hand. He uses these to overwhelm tanks with clouds of powerful Drones.

Dronavin is fairly slow, but a bit faster than most bosses, having the move speed of a Level 45 tank with one or two points in Move Speed.

The Fight

Phase 1

After Dronavin spawns and the spawn message "Ready or not, Dronavin is here..." is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, Dronavin is invincible and cannot attack. Instead, he turns invisible and prepares his first attacks, planning what sequence would work best.

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, Dronavin becomes visible and begins to attack. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "Death by Drones".


  • Drone River. The Spawner fires Drones with great regularity (every 0.1 seconds), forming an unbroken stream of Drones that attack one player.
  • Drone Whip. Like the above, except that Drone stream is more concentrated and instead of being used almost like bullets, the Drones act as a whip.
  • Drone Sword. Like the above, except that the Drones are even more concentrated, the stream is shorter, and the formation is always straight.
  • Guardian. The Spawner launches Crashers with great regularity, similar to the Guardian.
  • 360 Claw. Both Spawners release 50 square drones, which are repelled in every direction.
  • 180 Claw. The same as the above, except that just one Spawner does it, just 75 drones are used, and the claw is just 180°.

The 90° Claw (and 90° Claw II) attack.

  • 90 Claw. The same as the above, except that just 50 drones are used and the claw is just 90°.
  • 90 Claw II. The same as the above, except that when the drones are equal with a tank, they collapse on the tank, attacking it from almost every direction.
  • Minion. Both Spawners release 25 Minions, which orbit Dronavin until killed, attacking nearby tanks.
  • Drone Wall. Both Spawners release 100 square drones, which orbit Dronavin until killed and do not attack.
  • Storm. Both Spawners release hundreds upon hundreds of Battleship drones, which attack any and all players nearby.
  • Call of the Square Drones. Dronavin turns all squares on the map into Square Drones and uses them to attack players.
  • Call of the Triangle Drones. Same as the above, just with triangles.
  • Call of the Pentagon Drones. Same as the above, just with pentagons.
  • Call of the Alpha Pentagon Drones. Same as the above, just with alpha pentagons.

The Super Drone attack.

  • Super Drone. The Spawner fires four green square drones, which attack in a concentrated formation.
  • Ultra Drone. The Spawner fires two green triangle drones, which attack in a concentrated formation.

The Infinity Drone attack.

  • Infinity Drone. The Spawner fires one green pentagon drone, which strikes with deadly force.
  • Lord of the Manager. Dronavin teleports to an unoccupied space on the map and turns invisible (while not moving), as do his drones, of which he has two fleets of eight. Lasts for about a minute.

The Quadruple Overlord attack.

  • Quadruple Overlord. Each Spawner releases two fleets of eight drones in quick succession, which are then used in the next thirty seconds as Dronavin's primary method of attack. The Drones are very powerful and are replenished by the ultra-high-reload Spawners.
  • Manufacturing Plant. The Spawner releases short-lived (thirty seconds) Minions at a high rate, one per second.
  • Charge of the Light Brigade. The Spawner fires sixteen Drones, which attack one player without getting replenished.
  • Crasher Strike. The Spawner releases five or ten large Crashers.
  • Crasher Storm. The Spawner releases fifty large Crashers.
  • Crasher Super-Storm. The Spawner releases hundreds of Crashers.
  • Crasher Cosmic Super-Storm. The Spawner releases thousands of Crashers, many of which are teleported all over the map.

Phase 3

After Dronavin's hands lose all of their health, he enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "I have not yet begun to fight." During this phase, his hands are withered and black. They no longer absorb damage, but still pule Drones. His body has scars and cracks down it.

In Phase 3, Dronavin uses all his previous attacks, but becomes, if anything, deadlier, striking with greater precision, while also protecting himself even better than before. He also starts using a repitoire of a few new attacks. As if that wasn't enough, he starts summoning bosses and AI-controled tanks to aid him.

Summoning Order

This is the order in which Dronavin summons bosses and AI-controlled tanks.

  • Every 2,000 health lost, Dronavin summons two AI-controlled tanks. If he has enough health, the list repeats.
    • First, two Overlords.
    • Second, two Necromancers.
    • Third, two Factories.
    • Fourth, two Battleships.
    • Fifth, two Managers.
  • Every 4,000 health lost, Dronavin summons one boss.
    • There is no particular order to this. The bosses spawn randomly. However, the three following conditions always apply.
    • First, any standard boss can be spawned, but nothing more powerful.
    • Second, any boss that uses Drones is three times as likely to spawn.
    • Third, each type of boss spawns just twice.


A much enlarged image of a Booster Drone.

  • Booster Drones. The Spawner releases the occasional Drone or two which has three cannons firing behind it for much improved speed. Used to wear down health.
  • Drone Ring. Both Spawners release 100 Drones, which orbit Dronavin, protecting him, until killed. Similar to Drone Wall, except that the drones are not square and will attack.
  • Drone Rifle. The Spawner fires clumps of four Drones with three times their normal speed. The only difference is that they cannot change their course.
  • Swarm. Both Spawners face the same direction and fire Drones as fast as a two Triplets. The Drones, however, die after four seconds and have reduced speed and damage.
  • Battlecruiser. The Spawner fires Battleship drones like a more-than-maxed Battleship.

The Operation Shield attack.

  • Operation Shield. The Spawner fires twenty Pentagon Drones, which form a tight shield, about as long as Dronavin, and provide protection.
  • Drone Corrupt. All existing Drones on the map join Dronavin.
  • Overcorrupt. All existing Drone-wielding tanks have a 25% chance of joining Dronavin's team.
  • Overjoin. All existing Drone-wielding tanks are given the option of joining Dronavin's team.
  • Bacteria Drone. The Spawner fires a single Drone that starts making copies of itself while attacking tanks. Very dangerous if the Drones are killed from an early stage.
  • Speed Strike. Dronavin releases four Drone fleets, like those in the Quadruple Overlord attack, while pulsing extra-weak versions of normal drones behind him at a very high rate, increasing move speed. Dronavin then chases down exposed players with the Drone fleets.

The Drone Punch attack.

  • Drone Punch. The Spawner blasts twenty square Drones in a concentrated ball at a nearby tank.
  • Protector. Dronavin releases two virtually-unkillable Protectors, which orbit him and attack if tanks get VERY close. They deal 5 damage a second each and will pursue enemies for fairly long distances. With combined with the Speed Strike attack, they are very deadly.
  • Mystery. Each Spawner fires Drones at a high rate; the Drones can be of ANY type listed anywhere else.
  • Zombie. Every Drone that Dronavin kills is resurrected and joins his forces.
  • Wizard. The Spawner releases two Square Drones that attack players and polygons nearby. For every one killed by enemy tanks, two new ones appear, while every one killed by polygons dies without making more appear.
  • Octo Drone. The Spawner releases six Minions, just with eight canons each, that orbit Dronavin, providing firepower support.
  • Trap Drone. The Spawner launches four Drones that orbit Dronavin and drop Traps every three seconds.
  • Drone Army. Dronavin jumps into the air, disappearing for a second. When he lands, the place where he once was is full of low-speed Drones (hundreds of them), which either protect Dronavin or attack enemies in massed formation.
  • Death Drone. The Spawner releases a single Drone with a skull on it. ANY tank that touches it instantly dies. It has reduced speed but twice as much health.
  • Stun Drone. The Spawner fires a few fleets of Fallen Overlord-style Drones, except that these paralyze any tank they touch for two seconds.
  • Repel Speed Slash. Both Spawners release thirty Drones, which are repelled in front of Dronavin, as his speed doubles and he follows them.

The Jaws attack.

  • Jaws. The Spawner releases 20 drones, which split into two equal groups of 10 and move in opposite directions, forming a 90° angle. The drones then slam together on whatever target happens to be there.
  • Venom. A message goes out to the server, "Beware contaminated Drones." as for the next minute, all Drones have a ten percent chance of being contaminated, which means that they deal four times as much damage.
  • Virus. The same as the above, except that instead of dealing more damage, the contaminated Drones, if they kill the player, turn him to Dronavin's side.
  • Shielded Drones. For the next minute, all Drones are protected by a force field that can withstand unlimited numbers of Drones and ten damage-worth of bullets/traps/tanks.
  • Stealthy Strike. Dronavin releases four fleets of eight Drones that are non-replinishable and invisible, even when moving.

The End of Dronavin

Once Dronavin loses all his health, he starts turning rapidly in circles as first his Spawners, then his hands fall off and start orbiting. Random drones appear as Dronavin starts to shatter. Suddenly, he explodes in a massive cloud of Drones as the message "I'm not impressed..." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.


These quotes will occasionally be broadcasted to all tanks in the server. They start appearing after Phase 1 ends, but before Trapasitis begins his death throes. Many thanks to Zathsu for adding a lot of them.

  • I am the Lord of the Drones. Let us be honest, what kind of tanks do you fear most? Those who weaponize my element!
  • Drones are tougher than bullets, faster than traps, and more precise than bullets. What more could anyone ask for?
  • Drone users! Join me or die immediately.
  • Do you finally realize that drones are perfect in every way?
  • Tread carefully...
  • You don't have a chance. Make that you don't even have a chance of having a chance.
  • At least drones are the best way to die... That's what The Grim Reaper tells me.
  • The only problem with drone tanks is that they have finite drones. I don't have that problem...
  • Another kill to add to my résumé.
  • Efficiency is key.
  • Tanks are so inefficient. Another reason to detest them.
  • That must have hurt...
  • SPAWN.
  • If you have any sense, give up.
  • And....... gotcha.
  • Didn't see me coming, eh?!
  • Hm... A Tier 4 tank. For fun, let me get you with four drones. Piece 'o cake.
  • What's mercy?
  • Go my triangular terrors! Gnaw at the weak!
  • Feel a death of one thousand strikes!
  • Sic 'em!
  • I am creation unleashed!
  • I've already calculated the exact time and number of drones I will need to vanquish every last one of you!
  • Your doubts about us will be your undoing!
  • Without me, there wouldn't be half of YOU!
  • Stare in awe at my swarm! You will not escape!
  • You cry for mercy!? For naught!
  • After finishing with you, I'll teach Bulletron a lesson...
  • You have put your trust in your bullets and now you wonder why you lose...
  • There's a reason why your best tanks are drone tanks.




  • The third Elemental to be made.
  • Quotes were added by TheGoldenPatrik1 and Zathsu.
  • Its image uses the "first-gen" Elemental art scheme.
    • This was updated to "2.5-gen" art.
      • This was then updated to "fourth-gen" art I believe?