The Duo Flank Serrator upgrades from the Serrator or Smasher at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


This tank has four Serrator blades, however, two are linked together and they are on the sides of the tank, like an Overseer's drone spawners.


This tank no longer can charge, unlike its predecessor, the Serrator. However, it still has a critical hit ability that works differently. Since this tank upgrades from the Smasher, it has the ability to upgrade its skill points to 10 while still having upgrade points in bullet stats like an Auto Smasher (although they are useless for this tank, other tanks in the Lancer branch can make use of them.) For the critical hit ability, it has a 25% chance to happen every time this tank rams something when its spikes are pointed toward its target. It does 2.5x damage, or 250% of the normal ram damage. Without the spikes, the damage is normal but with the spikes it is 1.5x. Both sets of spikes have to be touching the target upon impact to deliver 1.5x damage, much less the critical hit chance (also stuns and does health recoil like the Serrator, see that page for more info.)


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