The ERKPEOFET is a secret joke boss in The Extended Tale of Diep. It is one of, if not the most difficult boss(es) in the game.



The ERKPEOFET by itself.

ERKPEOFET looks like a heavily pixelated rendition of the Archprophet with googly eyes.


ERKPEOFET never spawns by itself. Instead, it must be spawned by using the item SYNTAX ERROR at the very end of the Lord Sassafras's Edifice gamemode, obtained by killing TEAS UFF PENZAPPLE. Alternatively, the ERKPEOFET can be spawned anywhere else with the same item, but it must be spawned in Lord Sassafras's Edifice to be killable.

Spawn Condition 1

ERKPEOFET, when spawned with SYNTAX ERROR while battling a boss that has a structure, such as bosses in gamemodes, the Polygon Disciples, and bosses with setpieces in the Realm, will behave differently than usual. Attempting to use SYNTAX ERROR in a gamemode or under those conditions will, spawn an ERKPEOFET that mimics the main boss being fought (or one of them, if it is a multiple-boss fight) right down to effects, attacks, and health. Any damage dealt to the boss is also dealt to the ERKPEOFET, and anything that the boss does, ERKPEOFET will mimic. It will also expand in size to how big the boss is to match. Woe betide to those who spawn it in during Lord Sassafras's battle...

Spawn Condition 2

However, this does not apply to bosses that wander about in the Realm. For example, if SYNTAX ERROR is used next to Tharea the Shattered, it will immediately spawn the ERKPEOFET and it will attack Thaera (and any other applicable entities) if one of its many AI changes makes the ERKPEOFET aggressive toward such entities.

When ERKPEOFET is summoned under these conditions, it will start using the AI of any random entity in the game. This can be anything from a lowly Square to the Avatar of Panzer. Every single frame of its existence, it has a chance to change AI. When it selects an AI, it will also select a random phase to be in. It will summon any parts that go with that AI, and can even change phase or despawn depending on which AI it uses. Its health regeneration, movement speed, etc. will change according to its AI. This will make it switch in and out of aggro with players, having to target a new player every time its AI changes.

Both Spawn Conditions

While ERKPEOFET is alive, taking damage from absolutely any source will inflict NO U, which completely disables the effects of all gear, items, and other accessories that players have equipped, essentially making it as if they were wearing nothing at all (wreaking havoc on structured boss fights, if the first spawn conditions are met.) ERKPEOFET's attacks always do 69 damage. While it is alive, any damage taken from sources other than the ERKPEOFET will also be multiplied by 6.9. If ERKPEOFET is not defeated within 11 minutes and 6 seconds of its spawn (which will always happen because it just has way too much health), it explodes into a dense cloud of 690 bullets that inflict NO U for 6.9 minutes (414 seconds) on all players hit by these bullets.

Spawn Condition 3

However, if Lord Sassafras was successfully "defeated" within 24 hours of ERKPEOFET being spawned (only in Lord Sassafras's Edifice), it will despawn by itself after 4140 minutes of total existence if spawned using SYNTAX ERROR on its altar in the Edifice. In this case, during its lifetime, the Lord Sassafras's Edifice gamemode will be locked to 16-player groups who are all level 75 for the ERKPEOFET's battle. The ERKPEOFET's health is drastically reduced, and all players gain a 500% damage boost to ensure that he doesn't take more than 15 minutes to defeat.


The ERKPEOFET has a 25% chance of dropping the Unusually Shiny Hesperian Artifact, which is used to initiate Lord Sassafras's "Phase S" battle section during his battle (see the Phase S section about that on Lord Sassafras's page.) Otherwise, the ERKPEOFET will always drop 6-9 of the LUL item, a Charm accessory that inflicts permanent NO U on players if equipped until it is taken off.


  • ERKPEOFET has the most health of any boss in the universe of the Extended Tale of Diep, surpassing Lord Sassafras's maximum health with 500 players (7,800,000) by almost 9 times that amount.
  • ERKPEOFET is based on another joke boss from the Calamity Mod from Terraria. It was called THE LORDE, and it had similar abilities to this abomination. It also has NO U too, what a coincidence!
    • Unfortunately, with a recent update, THE LORDE was removed. However, the ERKPEOFET lives on, despite never having been an actual playable entity! Such is the serendipity of the Extended Tale of Diep!
  • Not every image of the Archprophet with googly eyes is considered to be one of the ERKPEOFET - firstly, the eyes must be proportionally and unusually large in comparison to the body, and the entire image must also be semi-pixelated.
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