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Earth Godzilla tank is a tier 4 tank that is unlocked when getting every achievement in the game, it is upgradable from Tank at level 45, it has multiple abilities that are unlocked at several levels.


  • Atomic breath - unlocked at level 45, this ability can be used every 10 seconds, even when pressing E. This ability pushes every tank under level 30 in front of it.
  • S: Turrent swipe - unlocked at level 140 (Tier 8), this ability disables every tanks, special tanks and bosses for 1 minute. When tanks are nearby you, they will die in 1 hit.
  • T: Atomic Shield - unlocked at level 500 (Tier 9), this ability creates a shield that cannot be destroyed for 1 minute, smashers will be disabled for 30 seconds if they attack you.
  • U: Shut Down - unlocked at level 500, this ability protects the tank's cannon (Note:these are the tank's "eyes") for 1 minute, cannot be used if a sharp thing is hitting the front
  • V: Super Atomic Breath - unlocked at level 1,000 (Tier 10), this ability breaths a stronger Atomic Breath that will push every big tank in its path for 30 seconds.
  • O: EARTHQUAKE! - unlocked at level 1,350, it summons a huge ravine that kills everything that falls in it Unless that thing has 3,000HP or more, where it just deals 1,000 damage to them.

Every ability will recharge for 1 minute


  • Strong against: Every tank that shoot bullets
  • Weak against: It only has weaknesses:
  • Eyes - if a projectile hits nearby the cannon, you will lose hp.
  • Crashers - if they hit the front, you will lose hp too.
  • Triangle Drones - they can hurt your eyes due to their sharpness, they also deal 5x damage than bullets.
  • Traps - if you go forwards into traps, your eyes will take 10x damage.
  • Smashers - they will stick to your front for 30 seconds
  • Rockets - if they enter the cannon, you will be insta killed.

With the Earth Godzilla tank

  • The more tanks are in your path, the more EXP you get, so always farm tanks
  • Use the shield every time a smasher comes towards, you can also close eyes if they come.
  • Run away from rockets, they can insta kill the tank from the cannon.
  • If an arena closer is closing arena, you can help them by typing yes.
  • Disable tanks every time they come to the front, use the auto turrent ineed.

Against the Earth Godzilla tank

  • Always target the front, the tank cannot close its eyes for 10 seconds if done correctly.
  • Always use Trappers, every Drone class except Necromancers and Smashers, they will cause its hp to drain for 30 seconds.
  • Rocketeers and Skimmers are the best option, the tank will die in 5 seconds.


  • Only 1 person can get this tank in a single server.
  • This tank's color is always black, even if you're at the same team.
  • This is the only multi tier tank.
  • that top part of the trivia is not how trivia is meant to be used.

Special Thanks to (Credits)

User:Anonymoususer12321, for uploading a better version of the tank
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