The Ejector is one of the current Tier 3 upgrades from the Heavy. Ejector may further upgrade into the Deployer, the RPG, the Pistol, the Roto-Ejector, or the Silo. A Collab between Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!


The Ejector features a circular tank body with a Deployer at the front that is the same size as the Cannon on the Heavy.


The Ejector fires out bullets that look like Blimps called Missiles. The Missile has higher bullet speed than the Heavy because of the Cannons at the back of the Missiles thrusting it along. FoV is increased to that of a Deployer.


  • Yes. I renamed Skimmer to Deployer. Deal with it.
  • Used to be called Mini-Deployer, but was changed for being a way too clunky name.
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