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"Feast your eyes upon my magnetic.."

Electromagnet, Spawn Message

The Electromagnet Is a generation 3 boss added on 10/8/2017. Electromagnet is based off of a combination of a Magnet and an Electromagnet, which is reflected in its design. Electromagnet is a bar magnet, and it bars players from escaping its grasp. Electromagnet features Two Cannons, and the debut of a new weapon; The Radial Spawner, which is a spawner that rapidly spawns drones like a Machine Gun.


Electromagnet features a Horseshoe Magnet shaped body with a tiny triangle at the front for decoration. On the front sides of the Horseshoe Magnet body are Two large Cannons. On the back is a Radial Spawner.



Electromagnet has 2,500 HP, which is pretty weak compared to most other bosses. On death, it gives 25,000 EXP, which is also pretty low compared to others, but it compensates by having strong abilities.

Radial Spawner

The Radial Spawner rapidly fires drones off in random directions, for a total of 50 drones. each one has the speed of a level 8 Tank with max movement speed when coming out of the spawner, but then slow down to a level 30 Tri-Angle with max reload.


Each Cannon has the exact stats as a maxed out Destroyer. 'Nuff said.


Like I said before, the Electromagnet has a special ability. from the front, it has a gravitational pull. If a tank is influenced by its gravitational pull, it will slightly increase, and its FoV will increase.


  • Like stated multiple times, Electromagnet is based off of Magnets.
  • If a field of Rangers are in front of Electromagnet, its FoV will be the largest in the game, around 512x the size of a regular server, meaning that other servers can be seen by the Electromagnet in question.
    • For this reason, Electromagnet can only spawn in one server at a time.
  • The quote at the beginning is extremely catchy in my head.