The Elite Stalker is a boss variant of the stalker . It is not technically an Elite Crasher like the Elite Skimmer. It also spawns invisible


Elite Stalker is a blue upside-down triangle (when facing north). On the front is two stalker barrels and a swarm drone spawner between the cannons. On the other sides are necromancer type drone spawners with auto turrets and minion spawners that spawns 4 Assassins and 4 hunters (2 of each per spawner). On the back is another stalker barrel overlapped by a drone spawner that spawns 6 regular drones.


Strong against: Everything on their own

Weak Against: Large Teams, Arena closers, Base Protectors

What to do

  • Use a bullet spammer like Mortar as it can out fire the boss
  • Have more than 4 people fight it as it has high health and many minions
  • If alone stay behind a base protector (or obstacle) because it is very powerful or just flee

What not to do

  • Fight it alone
  • Ram it as it has high body damage
  • Use a close range tank like Engineer


  • This tank can attack other bosses
  • This boss is almost as large as a Nest Keeper
  • The reason why it isn't an elite crasher is because of its immense power
  • An boss that can turn invisible
  • This boss can see invisible tanks
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