Ellaha-ua is a Hesperian in The Extended Tale of Diep who is much more than meets her friendly blue eye. Idea by Diepmon.


Ellaha-ua is a Hesperian who possesses the trait of turning into a GIANT ASS SNAKE. In Phase 2, anyway. She spawns in the Mistide and Shattered Coasts areas of the Realm, and appears as a gray-blue Leviathan-like Hesperian about the size of said pentagon Polypatron. The difference is that Ellaha-ua has spikes sticking out of her spawners that act as grapple launchers, and five gigantic trap launchers that take the place of Auto Turrets. Her central turret, on which her eye is situated, has a Dominator side and a Trap side.

Phase 1

Upon spawn, Ellaha-ua will not attack unless provoked. She is ignored by Polygons, but if any other enemies attack her, she will retaliate. If in the process of attacking AI enemies and a player provokes her, she will immediately change targets to that player and begin Phase 1 attacks.

In Phase 1, Ellaha-ua has no attacks other than laying down a dense trail of traps with her six launchers, shooting at long range with her exploding Dominator turret, and occasionally grappling players and swinging them around. Upon defeat, Ellaha-ua explodes and releases all her IE Energy.

Phase 2

Oh, it's not over yet.
If more than 10 players are fighting Ellaha-ua, once Phase 1 is defeated, she uncoils when she reaches 0 HP and triples her health, revealing her true form as a giant battle-worn serpent. In this phase, she moves faster the lower her health is and the less segments she has, and has a variety of attacks that keep players on their toes. She is known as Ellaha'ua in this form instead of Ellaha-ua (an apostrophe in place of the hyphen.)


Between attacks, Ellaha'ua employs a hit-and-slither tactic, weaving her way around players. She has 7 segments total, 5 body segments and a head and tail. For each 1/5 of her health that is depleted over the course of the battle, a segment disappears and she gains 5 tiles per second to her top speed. The tail and body take 95% less damage, so it is advised to target the head to actually deal damage. She can slither over herself to trap players, and woe to those who are ensnared in her coils...


  • Coil Strike: Ellaha'ua moves into a coil formation before lashing out with ferocious speed, dealing high damage to any players in her way.
  • Poison Spit: Ellaha'ua sprays poisonous bullets from her mouth that inflict a lighter version of Poisoned that deals 50% less damage each tick for 15-20 seconds.
  • Trappory: All of Ellaha'ua's remaining trap turrets turn to one side and start firing out explosive traps at double the rate.
  • Constrict: Used if Ellaha'ua has successfully trapped at least one player within her coils. All trap turrets turn inwards and begin bombarding those trapped until Ellaha'ua's body unravels enough for the trapped players to escape (if they are still alive, that is.)
  • Lock-On: Ellaha'ua's eye turret switches weapons from Trapper to Destroyer or vice versa, depending on which weapon was used first. Either way, it selects one player (someone who is not being targeted by Ellaha'ua herself) and fires off high-speed bullets or high-speed large explosive traps.
  • Light Show: Ellaha'ua's trap launchers point towards players and start firing off fast-moving medium-penetration lasers that deal medium damage and inflict Weakened for 4 seconds.
  • Tail Whip: Ellaha'ua swipes her tail suddenly out of line of the direction in which she is headed, dealing medium knockback and contact damage to any players hit.
  • Fang Launcher: Ellaha'ua uses her mouth grapples to "lick" up any unfortunate players who get within a 5-tile cone in front of her head dealing massive damage and inflicting Slowed, Paralyzed, and Poisoned for 7 seconds after spitting them out.
  • Devourer of IE Energy: Ellaha'ua summons two smaller versions of herself (as a serpent) that are about the length of Sassafrexen's arm span. These have 12,000 health each and can use any attack that Ellaha'ua can use (albeit with 80% less damage and debuff duration) except for this attack. This attack is used only twice, at 65% health and 25% health.


Once Ellaha'ua is defeated in her second form, she transforms back into Ellaha-ua and teleports away, having gathered enough IE Energy to deliver to her district energy collector.

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