Emerald Castle is a gamemode in which players must defeat the Emerald Guardian.


Players must go through many stages of the castle. There are 7 stages. The last one is the Emerald Guardian boss fight.

Stage 1

Players are in an arena. They must survive multiple rounds of enemies. A round starts 10 seconds after all the enemies in the previous round have been killed.

Round 1

3 Emerald Guards: These have 50 HP and are formidable enemies. They look like Flank Guards with a Twin auto Turret. The bullets they shoot have 5 stat points in each bullet stat.

Round 2

6 Emerald Guards

Round 3

5 Emerald Guards

2 Emerald Watchers: These are enemies that are green hexagons. They have a red core. They have three kinds of attacks, but they also have spikes on their sides. There are 4 second intervals between these special attacks in which the Watchers will attempt to ram players. The first special attack comes from the red core. The red core shoots normal bullets all around it, then focuses on a random player and shoots destroyer bullets at a reload rate of 7 stat points. The bullets all have full stats in every area except for reload in which all the bullets except the destroyer ones have 5 stat points. The second attack also comes from the core. This is when the core spawns 6 drones to fight. These are strong as Necromancer drones but have 1 HP. The third attack is from the spikes, which detach and then attack the player(s) independently as if they were drones. They have full stat points except for speed, which they have 3 stat points in.

1 Arena Core Attack: There is a core in the center of the arena which is green. It will flash and launch either a green energy ball which reduces the player to 1HP when hit, or a thin beam which does the same thing. The core will put a target on the place it intends to hit first do players can escape.

Round 4

10 Emerald Guards

1 Emerald Watcher

2 Arena Core Attacks: When there are multiple, they are separated by 5 second intervals.

1 Sentient Emerald: This emerald does nothing, but the player cannot proceed until the player destroys it. When destroyed, it summons 10 Angry Sentient Emerald, and the player must kill these.

Round 5

Emerald Vanguard: This enemy has a bunch of special attacks. It is classified as a mini-boss. 500 HP

Emerald Beam: Same as Arena Core Attack

Emerald Sphere: Same as Arena Core Attack

Portal: Teleports around for 5 seconds, one teleport every second.

Stage 2

A long hallway with bullets flying everywhere of all kinds except Annihilator. The player must avoid all the bullets or most, they shouldn't die, its not fun ecksdee. In addition, sometimes the hellfire will cease and 3 random level 45 tanks will come out. They are AI and need to be killed before the player can proceed.

Stage 3

This stage is a puzzle. The player must navigate through a maze. This is no regular maze, though. All paths do eventually lead to the end, but the player shouldn't know that. Level 45 tanks will sometimes spawn near the player to attack them, and at the end, there is something not good...

Maze Guardian: A mini-boss. It has 4 special moves. One is to launch an emerald tipped spear at the player. This does 1/5 of the player's health, unless they are at 1HP, then it kills them. If the player's health is at 2 or something, it will just reduce it to one. The boss, by the way, is a green triangle with Skimmer Deployers on the sides. In 10 second intervals between special attacks, it shoots with these and spins. Another special attack is to merge all the Deployers into one, and shoot at the player a few times. If the player gets hit, it does the damage of a Destroyer bullet with max stats. However, these are relatively easy to dodge. A third attack is to use Spikes. The Maze Guardian will summon 10 Spikes. They will then throw the spikes, one by one, at the player. These spikes have max stats but move as fast as a Destroyer bullet with 5 bullet speed. The spikes can also be killed, but they will not yield any exp. (I mean, why do I have to say they don't yield exp? Only crazy players would venture Emerald Castle without being Level 45 and at least having some specialties.) A fourth attack would be to charge at the player. If the Maze Guardian hits the player, it knocks the player all the way to the arena wall while also doing half of the player's health. If the player is at 1 HP, it does nothing. If it is an odd number, it divides by two and then rounds up. When the Maze Guardian is defeated, it separates into three individual Skimmers that must be killed. Then the Maze Gate will open to continue to the next part of the Emerald Castle.

Stage 4

A Green Mothership sits in the room. Once the player hits it, it spawns drones out of all its sides. The player must survive 5 minutes of spawning a lot of Partisans. Once the Partisans are all gone, the Mothership explodes into white light and the gate to the next room is open.

Stage 5

Simple grinding. Random Level 30 tanks will spawn. The player must kill 30 Tanks and take their tokens to continue to the next room. The spawn rate is faster the more players are in the room. Once all of the tokens have been taken, a minion spawns. This is not considered a mini boss but it might seem like one. It is a green Overlord that has 1000 HP. It seems like it's a lot, but its just an AI Overlord who's too stupid to use strategy and things like repelling drones. It will simply launch drones directly at a player, switching targets often. The Overlord has a reload rate of 2 stat points making it a very slow reloading Overlord. The drones themselves have 5 stat points in drone damage, 4 stat points in drone penetration, and 6 stat points in drone speed. After the Overlord is dead, a special Emerald Token will be given. After this is put into the gate, the gate will open.

Stage 6

The Emerald Guardian talks to the player.

"Why did you come here? What made you come and slaughter all of my minions? What's that? You want my gem? You won't get it easily. I'll kill you. Then I'll destroy all of your legacy and your homeland. Turn back now, or else..."

Stage 7

The Emerald Guardian is an incredibly powerful opponent. It looks like a Heptagon with landmine triangles coming out of it. It has 1800HP.

Emerald Sentry: These are 2 Invincible, Level 45 Tank sized Destroyer Dominators. Their bullets do the damage of a maxed out destroyer. They die when the boss is killed.

Phase 1: 1800/1800 HP

Summon Help: Creates 2 Portals and summons 5 Topaz Fighters and 5 Crystalline Helpers, from the Topaz Spire and the Amethyst Tower.

Copycat: Turns into one of the players it is fighting and acts like them for 30 seconds.

Mega Portal: Summons 10 Emerald Guards and 5 Emerald Watchers from a portal. Will stand by and is invincible until they are all destroyed. What a jerk.

Emerald Beam and Emerald Sphere: Same as the aforementioned Arena Core Attacks.

Phase 2: 600/1800 HP

Copycat II: Same as Copycat, but double the stats of the player. 14 bullet damage, that's gonna leave a mark.

Phase 1 attacks are all used here.

Consciousness Manifesto: Summons 2 Sentient Emeralds and does the same thing with his other minions, watch them die. Wow, talk about standoffish.

Phase 3: 0/1800 HP

Last Stand: Goes through all attacks randomly back to back, then explodes. What's left is what you came for, the Emerald of Acuteness.

Corrupted Emerald Castle

As discussed in Corruption, most runs have a corrupted variant. When winning the corrupted version, the player will get another gem, but a dark version. The normal gems are to open the Light Portal, but the Dark ones are for the Darkness Portal.


General Differences

All of the enemies, including the bosses, have 1.5x their normal health. They also have 2 extra stat points in Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration. They have one extra stat point in speed.

Stage 1

The Emerald Vanguard comes back to life with a new form, the Dark Emerald Vanguard. It is the same as its former self, but it now has 1000 HP and can summon more Emerald minions to help it fight.

Stage 2

There are now Annihilator bullets added to the mix. Spikes no longer have a chance to be spawned on the bridge, they will also be launched at the player from the sides at a reasonable speed. There will now spawn 5 Level 45 tanks on the bridge for the player to fight. In addition, every 20 background units, the section of bridge behind the player breaks off and falls below. The player can only go forward.

Stage 3

Level 45 Tank surprise attack spawn rates are 2x amplified.

Stage 4

The Mothership now has 2x spawn rate. When the player is finished, the Mothership turns to a Dark Emerald Mothership. The player must defeat a full-fledged Mothership. After the Mothership dies, the room shoots bullets and traps from all its sides and the player must escape to the next room.

Stage 5

The tanks are now all Level 45 instead of 30.

Stage 6

The quote is changed.

"So the first time wasn't enough fo-jgxshbxh... youu.. huh? F-FEEL MY WRATH! Heheheh... HAHAHHAHAHAHvnjskkg..."

Stage 7

After Last Stand, the boss turns to Desecrated Dark Emerald Guardian, which has 5 Phases. Each Phase has 200 health. After the first is destroyed, the first word changes. There will also be cracks on the Guardian, which will get bigger until the 5th phase is destroyed, in which the Guardian dies. Here is the word list:

Phase 1: Desecrated

Phase 2: Enraged

Phase 3: Cracking

Phase 4: Fading

Phase 5: Destroyed

After Phase 5, there is what you came for, the Dark Emerald of Cloudiness.


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