A EmerpuS sarfassaS, also known as a Reverse Sassafras Supreme, is a ridiculously overpowered boss in The Extended Tale of Diep. It's not quite a Sassafras Supreme Mark 2, but not quite a failure, either. Idea by Diepmon.


A EmprpuS sarfassaS has 13 eyes, one large central eye surrounded by six smaller eyes, and six more eyes on quad Trapper turrets mounted on top of Destroyer Dominator turrets. Each of its six spicy hexagonal sides has a Heavy Auto Turret in the middle flanked by two spawners, which on top have a Battleship spawner each. It is slightly smaller than a Sassafras Supreme.


Unlike the Sassafras Supreme, its reverse counterpart does not possess sentience, neither does it gather IE Energy. It is actually a giant Hesperian battle-machine that can be used for conquest. However, since it was Lauraceae who built it (some say Heptone was truly responsible but the Commander of Commanders found the EmepruS sarfassaS and captured it for her own use), and her goal is conquest, it's almost never used unless the Sassafras Supreme is down for repairs. Additionally, since it was designed with war in mind and not IE Energy gathering, it's practically useless in most Hesperians' eyes, being little more than a giant exosuit. Still, what common Sassafras wouldn't pass up a chance to drive this spicy monstrosity?


Upon spawn, the EmepruS sarfassaS constantly sprays ammunition in the general area around it, making it impossible to approach at close range. It spawns both Sassafras Minions (with a limit of 6) and Sassafras Supreme Minions (with a limit of 12.) It gathers IE Energy at the same rate as a Sassafras. However, it doesn't regenerate its health, so players can use high-penetration ammunition or special abilities to chip down its health (which is a fair bit less than a Sassafras Supreme's) slowly. Upon death, all Sassafras Supreme Minions explode as well, but the normal Sassafras Minions stay as a Sassafras pops out of the wreckage.



A prototype image of Lord Sassafras, which eventually became the EmerpuS sarfassaS.

  • The idea for the EmerpuS sarfassaS came from an extremely old design for Lord Sassafras created a little over a year ago from this page's creation.
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